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Marcus Eriz
Marcus Eriz

Marcus Eriz Wiki – Marcus Eriz Biography

Wynne Lee and Marcus Eriz are the two suspects charged in the California shooting death of 6-year-old Aiden Anthony Leos in California.

Marcus Anthony Eriz is an auto detailer who brandished guns at shooting ranges on his Instagram page; She is the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants who appeared in stories about depression among Asian American teens. Both have deep roots in California.

Aiden’s death has outraged and galvanized the community. The boy was shot and killed on Highway 55 in Orange, California. Lee and Eriz were arrested in Costa Mesa, California, on Sunday, June 6, 2021, according to the California Highway Patrol, and “are expected to be charged with murder,” a press release said.

Authorities have said the boy was randomly shot in a road rage incident triggered by a perceived lane change. The California Highway Patrol named male suspect Eriz Marcus Anthony in a press release, but jail records and his social media accounts give him his name as Marcus Anthony Eriz.

Marcus Eriz Age

Marcus Eriz is 24 years old.

Aiden Was Shot as His Mother Drove

The crime was gruesome and random. According to ABC News, Aiden was shot and killed on May 21, 2021, when his mother Joanna Cloonan was “taking him to school.”

The crime occurred in Yorba Linda. Cloonan told ABC News that a white sedan cut her “abruptly” into the carpool lane on Highway 55. “The arrests follow the May 21, 2021 shooting on SR-55,” the press release reads. of CHP. Joanna Cloonan was driving a silver Chevrolet Sonic, approaching the SR-22, while her son, Aiden Anthony Leos, sat in the rear passenger area. Ms. Cloonan and the occupants of a white Volkswagen van were involved in a road rage incident over a lane change that is perceived as unsafe. A shooting occurred when an occupant of the Volkswagen fired at least one bullet from a pistol of unknown caliber into the rear of the Chevrolet Sonic, killing Aiden. ”

Aiden was shot in the back seat.

“They took my son’s life,” Cloonan told ABC News in an interview on Good Morning America. “He was beautiful and kind and precious, and you killed him for no reason. And I want to find them and I want justice for my son ”.

On Instagram, Eriz filled his page with videos showing him firing guns at shooting ranges. He also filled his page with pictures of cars he was working on. With a photo of guns on a blanket, he wrote: “Quarantine and clean someone up? #glock #americantactical # ar15 “.

“A little more LT. They give shots hahaha, ”he wrote with a video that shows him firing a gun. “I just did some shit today hahaha,” he wrote with another photo showing him firing a gun at a shooting range.

His most recent Instagram post was in April. His Facebook profile photo is completely black.

On Facebook, Eriz called himself a “young small-town welder trying to figure out how to live in the big city.”

Marcus Eriz & Lee

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Eriz and Lee are dating. They are boyfriend and girlfriend. However, her social media accounts do not mention her.

Eriz is 24 and Lee is 23.

According to CBS Los Angeles, authorities followed the couple from a restaurant before arresting them. Authorities believe they know the location of the couple’s gun and car, according to CBS LA.

A 2015 news item on KHN featured Lee and talked about her struggle with depression. That story says that she grew up in the suburbs of the San Gabriel Valley, the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants. The article describes how she began to miss a lot of school at Diamond Bar High School.

She was one of three children in a close-knit family; her father worked in the manufacturing industry and her mother was a homemaker. The article describes how she attempted suicide by taking pills. The article quotes Lee’s diary: “Suicidal thoughts seep in here and there in drops. … Therapy and counseling are not… helping me either. All we do in these sessions is chat. I don’t feel better. I still can’t handle this at all. I’m not healing. ”

According to KHN, Lee’s mother worked hard to enlist her help and was in therapy, but she accepted that depression and loneliness were part of her life and said, “I have accepted it as part of who I am.”. Her social media accounts are deleted.

She was also featured as a community storyteller in a panel discussion on Obamacare organized by USC’s Annenberg Norman Lear Center. “These stories included a young woman named Wynne Lee, a student at Diamond Bar High School, who suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts after repeated bullying; Lee finally found help and support through the mental health services offered by the Asian Pacific Family Center, ”says Wynne Lee’s story.

Criminal Record

Orange County’s online court records show no criminal record for Lee or Eriz.

Eriz has a few traffic violations listed in the system, including lack of insurance, unauthorized driving in a HOC lane, and lack of a driver’s license.

“While these arrests will not ease the pain of the loss of a mother, my hope is that the Leos family has some peace of mind and is assured that the CHP will work with the Orange County District Attorney to bring justice to Aiden. “said CHP Commissioner Amanda Ray said in a statement.

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Eriz works as an automobile detailer

According to jail records obtained by Heavy, they list Eriz as an auto detailer. Redlands Daily Facts says they both work at Highland in San Bernardino County.

On Instagram, Eriz called himself, “Auto Body Technician … Welder / Maker jdm car enthusiast Goal Oriented Stay true.” On Facebook, he says he was a “body shop worker” at a Chevrolet dealership who worked at Krispy Kreme and a pizza company, he attended Trinity High School and was from Weaverville, California.

Heavy contacted the California employer that Eriz appears on his Instagram page. The manager said that he had not worked for the company since the beginning of the year and left in search of a better opportunity. He said Eriz did not appear to be the type of person who would do something like the reported crime and company officials plan to reach out to Aiden’s family in support.

Lee is listed as unemployed on the records, according to online prison booking records. An old LinkedIn page in Lee’s name also says that a person with that name once worked at a waffle and chicken restaurant in Costa Mesa.

They are both being held in the Orange County Jail on a $ 1 million bonds. Online records indicate that Lee has long-standing ties to California, an extended family in the area, and an old LinkedIn site in his name indicates that he attended a California university for a time.




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