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Marcy T. Shaffer
Marcy T. Shaffer

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Marcy T. Shaffer, a South Carolina correctional officer has been charged with allegedly smuggling pills into prison by hiding them inside Rice Krispies treats.

The South Carolina Department of Corrections said Thursday that Marcy T. Shaffer, 43, had been arrested and charged with misconduct in office, possession of narcotics with the intent to distribute and provide contraband to prisoners. Authorities say Shaffer admitted to the crime and was fired after her arrest.

Marcy T. Shaffer Age

Marcy T. Shaffer is 43 years old.

Charges – Arrested

“The charges against him involve attempting to smuggle the pills into the institution as a gift from Rice Krispies,” says a press release from the department. “The South Carolina Department of Corrections reminds members of the public that after an arrest, the burden of proof falls on the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt within a court of law.”

The arrest warrant alleges that Shaffer was caught attempting to smuggle a small quantity of adulterated Rice Krispies Treats. The treats were removed from their original packaging and placed in a Ziploc bag before Shaffer allegedly attempted to bring them to the workplace of her, Camille Griffin Graham Correctional Institution, a medium-security women’s prison in Columbia.

The sweet snacks included the added ingredient of six oval-shaped orange pills that were hidden inside. Authorities also found two of the same pills in a prescription bottle bearing Shaffer’s name and a label stating that it contained “Dextroamp-Amphetamine 30 mg,” presumably Schedule II controlled substances, amphetamine, and dextroamphetamine.

Shaffer faces charges that could result in a combined sentence of 16 years behind bars. It is unclear if he has hired a defense attorney.

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In May, Dana Fisher was charged with attempting to smuggle amphetamines into a South Carolina prison using Charms Blow Pops that had been laced with drugs. The 39-year-old man was allegedly captured after Ridgeland Correctional Institution authorities noticed that the pallet wrappers appeared altered with glue.

Fisher received the same charges that Shaffer now faces. South Carolina Department of Corrections spokeswoman Chrysti Shain told The Post and Courier that prison staff were allowed to bring candy into the facility for their own use, but were prohibited from sharing it with inmates.

Shaffer’s alleged plan to smuggle drugs into prison using Rice Krispies Treats has been tried before. In August 2020, correctional officers in Rome, New York, found dozens of Suboxone strips hidden in commercial boxes of the goodies mailed to the Mohawk Correctional Facility, according to The Observer-Dispatch. Suboxone is a prescription drug that is commonly used to treat opioid addictions.


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