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Maria Korotaeva
Maria Korotaeva

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Maria Korotaeva said that future husband Andrew Bush, known as “Mr. Bling from Marbella”, had received death threats in the weeks leading up to his murder and that a jewelry competitor may have ordered the hit. Slovak national Mayka Kukucova, 31, waited in the Bristol businessman’s bed in her Spanish villa before fatally shooting him three times in 2014.

She escaped to her home country 2,000 miles away, but was captured and then imprisoned for 15 years in May 2016. Her sentence was then reduced the following year to 13 years in prison. But Maria now claims that she believes Kukucova was instructed to carry out the assassination over Bush’s plans to set up a jewelry business in London, The Mirror reports.

In a new book that says it all, Maria says: “A couple of weeks before his murder, Andy was in Germany at a jewelers conference. He came back very upset, saying that someone, a rival businessman, I think, was threatening him because of his plans. We believe Mayka was told that if she committed the murder she would be received in three or four years. ”

Maria Korotaeva Age

Maria Korotaeva is 27 years old.

Shooting Incident – Suspect

Maria said Bush had proposed to her at dinner the night of his murder. She then drove them home in her £ 60,000 gold-plated Humvee 4 × 4, unaware that swimsuit model Kukucova was on the prowl armed with a .38 revolver. She shot Bush three times, twice in the head, in what a Malaga court said was the revenge of a jealous lover.

But Russian businesswoman Maria believes that Kukucova’s murder was a success and she now fears that her own life may be in danger. She now worries me that she might come to get me when I get out. God knows what he’s thinking. What’s in his head? she said. Maria said that neither she nor Bush reported the threats they made to the police because they “did not take them seriously” at the time.

Bush and Kukucova got together in 2012 after she started working at her Gold Trader store in Bristol. They were together for two years, but then they broke up, and months later he met Maria, who was studying for a degree in business and human resources in the UK. An investigation into Bush’s death heard how in April 2014 he had flown to his five-bedroom villa in Estepona, 30 kilometers off the coast of Marbella, with Maria.

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The night of the murder, the couple had gone out to dinner and Bush had asked Maria to marry him. But they found Kukucova in Bush’s bed and he had told his new partner to go to the car and phone the police after his former model refused to leave.

But, an argument broke out between Bush and Kukucova, then Maria heard three shots and then found her partner in a pool of blood. The investigation at the Avon Forensic Court in Bristol ruled that Bush was killed by Kukucova.

Maria, who runs a real estate business as well as being a singer and writer, was blocked and took three hours to access. Once inside her, she discovered the body of her lover. Kukucova drove across Europe to his hometown in Slovakia before turning himself into the police. At trial, he claimed that he acted in self-defense, but this was unanimously rejected by the jury.

The ordeal left Maria depressed for 18 months and she fears that the “dangerous” Kukucova will haunt her when she is released.

Now I’m worried that she might come to get me when I get out. God knows what he’s thinking. What’s in your head?

Maria Korotaeva

Maria says: “Seven years have passed. There isn’t much left for her to get out. She worries me that she might come to get me. What stops it? Nothing. You can easily find me thanks to my social networks. After a brief stint in Tenerife and a short time living in the UK, Maria now lives in Russia, where she wrote her story during the confinement. She hopes the book will be published in Britain and give people “the truth” about what happened.


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