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Marissa Cloutier
Marissa Cloutier

Marissa Cloutier Wiki – Marissa Cloutier Biography

The TikTok Digital Princxss star, whose real name is Marissa Cloutier, has gone viral on the internet for the wrong reasons. On Friday, August 27, a photo of her along with court documents allegedly began circulating on the internet, accusing her of child neglect. The post was reportedly shared by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

According to distributed court documents, Cloutier was arrested for child neglect. The newspapers also claimed that she was released on the same day. Soon people began to share her thoughts on the whole thing. One user tweeted: “Why is @digitalprincxss trying so hard to cover up 2 that she was arrested for leaving her son home alone while hanging out with friends and his neighbors found him alone and crying #marissacloutier #pokeprincxss #digitalprincxss stop leaving them cover-up rich? in the shit of her doing. ”

Marissa Cloutier Age

Marissa Cloutier’s age is unknown.

Charges – Arrested

Another wrote: “Ngl, this almost makes me wonder how many times you have left that baby alone… I understand that children are few and far between and need a break, but you never leave young children alone at home. This could have ended tragically for him, as it does for many other children each year. ”

“You literally put him to bed, left him alone to go ‘see a friend, we all know what that means… you had a black mini dress and your face was full of makeup. Tell it like it is. You left your son home alone to go fuck someone. That is a fault. #Digitalprincxss” wrote the third.

After facing such a huge backlash, Cloutier changed the settings of all his social media accounts to private from the public. But he also posted a TikTok video to introduce his side of the story. The video was also shared on Twitter in which she admitted to having some legal issues, but she added, “Hi guys, I just wanted to come here and say I see your comments, I see her concerns.

I am not trying to hide or avoid the situation. For those of you who know how things work legally, legally, I am only allowed to say so much about it. “She added:” I know there are a lot of things that are posted online that are very out of context and very false. Please don’t believe everything you would read on the internet, I can’t really say much more.

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I just want to thank everyone who has supported me and all that. Thanks, guys. “In response to the video, a tweet read:” Lol ok Marrissa, what else can you say about leaving your son home alone and the neighbors who don’t even know you find him outside CRYING? Then try to lie and block everyone from saying something. about the situation ”

People were not at all convinced by the justification. One person who refused to be carried away by her words said: “Bruh, there is a literate police report. You cannot say that the Internet is lying. It’s chilling to think of her as a mother. “The second said,” I definitely did this before too. Like why the hell do you dare to leave a 5-YEAR-OLD alone?

I understand children are a nuisance, but you chose to have them. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take care of them and keep them out of harm’s way! Anyone would have seen it and could have been kidnapped. “A tweet added:” I can’t stand her, she gave me bad vibes and stuff … “Nvm .. I hope she loses all her sponsors with no excuse period like mom, THE SAFETY OF HER CHILDREN from her ITS THE FIRST”.


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