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Megan Tobey
Megan Tobey

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Megan Tobey is the sister of Paul Howells. There is less data on Megan, we tried to find out more about Megan, but couldn’t track down much. Julius Jones, an indicted executioner on Oklahoma’s death row, has stubbornly announced his innocence in the 1999 murder of financial specialist Edmond Paul Howell.

The Howell family was definitely quiet even with a broad and vocal mission to save Jones’ life. Now they have changed their situation in light of what they call “serious distortions of the facts” of the situation. Jones, 41, was convicted indisputably of the murder of Paul Howell, father of Edmond, a prosperous Oklahoma City suburb. Jones claims that he was delineated by the real killer, a high school classmate, and correspondent who claimed against him and was turned over after 15 years in jail.

Megan Tobey Age

Megan Tobey‘s age is unclear.

Megan Tobey – Fast Facts

Lately, he led a meeting on his brother’s case. Megan went shopping with her brother Paul and her girl. They started to get out of the truck without knowing they were being followed. Megan claimed that she had recently ventured out down the driveway when she heard the gunshots. Paul had been shot and killed by the Suburban before being hit during the carjacking. Megan clarified: “She could have saved Paul’s life, but he took the vehicle.”

Julius Jones’ sister, Antoinette Jones, has been fighting for her brother’s equity for quite some time. There is no information on the whereabouts of Julius Jones. Furthermore, she has been a staunch defender of her brother’s charm of capital punishment for a crime he did not commit. Antoinette, in fact, has opened a Twitter account committed to Julius’s battle for justice.

Antoinette has communicated the restored trust of her family, especially since the circumstance of her brother prompted the notification of Kim Kardashian, who met with him. Megan Tobey doesn’t have a Wikipedia section. Megan Tobey’s age could be between 70 and 75 years old. She is Paul’s more established sister and, in case he was still alive today, she would be 67 years old.

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In any case, there is no data on Tobey’s actual age, as she has not disclosed her date of birth to mainstream society. Megan’s age has also been overlooked by the press and media. Megan Tobey is the sister of money manager Paul Howell and the sole observer of Howell’s murder. According to KJRH, Tobey was unable to find the executioner’s face and, based on her evidence, she never recognized Jones as the murderer during the preliminaries. There is still a lot of data about Megan’s life.

At the moment, Megan Tobey’s area is confused. Regardless of the various public campaigns to get Julius Jones off death row, Howell’s family has been silent on the case. However, they ended their tranquility after 22 years. Rachel and Abby Howell, Paul Howell’s two children, were just nine and seven when their father died.

Julius Jones and Christopher Jordan shot Howell in the head before their carport. They intended to rob, but rather they shot Paul before his sister and his two sons. Jordan agreed to testify against Julius Jones after admitting to first-degree murder.


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