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Melissa Clabburn
Melissa Clabburn

Melissa Clabburn Wiki – Melissa Clabburn Biography

Melissa Clabburn is the wife of John Clabburn, a TV director for three decades on such Australian shows as Home And Away, Underbelly, Survivor, LoveChild, The Wiggles, and Wonderland. Her husband is being reported to have died on April 6th, 2021 at his home in Sydney from a freak chain saw accident.

Melissa Clabburn Age

Melissa Clabburn’s age is unknown.


Survivors include his wife and two sons, Josh, 23, and Lewis, 21.

Clabburn was Trimming Hedges with a new Power Saw

Clabburn was trimming hedges with a new power saw at his home when he cut his hand. He fell ten feet from his ladder and was soon discovered by his wife. He had just bought the chain saw that day. His death was attributed to cardiac arrest from the blood loss from his slashed hand.

“When I went out to the back garden, he was crawling on the ground on his stomach, said Clabburn’s wife, Melissa. “There was so much blood, he was clutching his torso.

“I kept getting towels to stem the flow, but the blood wouldn’t stop.” “All he said was, ‘Call an ambulance now,’” she said. “One minute we were admiring how straight the hedge was looking and what a great job he had done — he was so meticulous, he had a great eye for detail — the next, John was in an ambulance. He kept it together for me, but I know he would have been in incredible pain.”

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GoFundMe campaign has been set up to assist the family with expenses. The GoFundMe campaign which was created by Denise Roberts reads;

Everyone’s had a really tough time with Covid and no more than the workers in the arts and Screen Industry. So many of our artists and production crew who were working pretty much full time going from project to project suffered terribly when everything shut down and remained shut for months.

JC Clabburn was one of those in the production crew. An incredible 1st Assistant Director who was excited about his first Directing gig later on in the year. Like all of us he was surviving day today doing his best to make ends meet while retaining that wicked sense of humour.

And Just when things are starting to look up on
the project front, JC had a freak accident and
passed away almost immediately leaving his
wife Melissa and his two sons Josh and Lewis
to pick up the pieces.

This fund raiser is a tribute to a beautiful spirit with a heart of gold. JC was one of the most loved people in the Screen industry and I for one would like to see his family taken care of at this extremely painful time.

We can’t fill that emptiness or the pain of losing their husband and father, but we can try and ease some of their financial burden.

Times are tough but any donation no matter
how small will go to helping JC’s family try to
put their lives back together.

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