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Melissa Doss
Melissa Doss

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Melissa Doss, a Florida woman who is accused of child abuse says she was at the end of her rope’ when she allegedly locked a non-verbal, autistic young woman ‘severely’ inside a cage at her home, which was dirty and full of trash.

Palm Bay resident Melissa Doss, 43, was arrested and charged with three felonies of child neglect without bodily harm and one count of aggravated child abuse as aggravated battery after police arrived at the property on Saturday, reports the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

As of Tuesday morning, authorities have yet to respond to MailOnline’s request regarding the nature of the relationship between Doss and the child, as well as the age of the child.

Palm Bay police say they have responded to Doss’s home on Fillmore Avenue several times in the past, however, the exact details and results of those investigations remain unclear.

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Melissa Doss is 43 years old.

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According to the Orlando Sentinel, officers were dispatched back to Doss’s home on Saturday after a neighbor noticed a boy inside his screened porch.

The officers who responded quickly determined that the young woman, who cannot speak, had a disability, before discovering that she lived in the residence next door.

When police approached Doss’s home, she denied them entry through the front door, instead, she climbed over the backyard fence to greet them.

Doss told authorities that he had been sleeping and did not know the boy had left the house, again refusing to allow officers to take a look at the house before authorities finally returned the boy to Doss and left the scene.

Just hours later, the police were called back to her home after that same neighbor saw that the girl was in her yard.

Once again, Doss denied them entry, this time telling the officers that she “was at the end of her rope.”

‘If they saw inside my residence, they would call (the Department of Children and Families)!’ Doss could be heard yelling from behind the front door.

WESH 2 reports that a DCF investigator was alerted a day later.

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When authorities finally managed to enter Doss’s home, they said they were hit with “the immediate smell of feces and urine (which) was very present.”

Officers noticed mold and garbage bags scattered around the place, insects, spiders, and flies throughout the house, adding that no part of the floor was visible.

The house, described by police as ‘uninhabitable’, also did not have working toilets or running water, according to WESH 2, instead they ‘use the bathroom in a bucket and dump their garbage in the backyard’.

Child protective services eventually learned that Doss and a child shared a bed, while another child was forced to sleep in a homemade metal and wood cage, which was kept next to the bed.

Police at the scene say there was a blanket and pillow inside the cage, where Doss told them that he keeps the girl at night, and only lets her out after the girl screams to wake Doss up in the morning, according to the authorities.

Doss is being held on a $ 22,500 bond after her arrest, according to Brevard records.


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