Who is Milan Loncar? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death, Killed, Investigation Report

Milan Loncar
Milan Loncar

Milan Loncar Wiki – Milan Loncar Biography

Milan Loncar was walking his dog Wednesday night when two suspects tried to rob him, then shot him and he ran away, according to police. Loncar called for help, police said and then dropped his phone.

Police said that when officers arrived on the scene at 31st Corner and Jefferson Streets in Brewerytown shortly before 7 p.m., Loncar was still holding the leash of his dog. Milan graduated from Temple University in 2019, and before that, Conestoga High School. He worked for Whiting-Turner, a job that he loved.

His sister says that she received an alert on her phone through the Citizen app that there had been a shooting in her neighborhood. When his brother didn’t answer his phone, they knew something was wrong.

“He was living the best life of his, his girlfriend was moving in next month,” said Jelena Loncar. “There was no reason for this. This was not supposed to happen, he is 25 years old. ”

Milan Loncar Age

Milan Loncar was 25 years old.

Milan Loncar Cause of Death

Pending formal charges, police did not release the names of the suspects or specifically say how many people had been arrested.

Loncar was shot just before 7 p.m. Wednesday on Jefferson Street near 31st, according to police. Two men approached him, one of whom pointed a gun at the victim, and then both began searching his pants pockets before Loncar was shot in the chest, police said.

The victim, who lived in the 1400 block of North Corlies Street, was pronounced dead 30 minutes later at Temple University Hospital.

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Loncar’s house keys and cell phone were left at the scene of the shooting, and his wallet was found at his home, according to family members.

“He’s selfless, constantly smiling. … He’s so charismatic and kind,” said Jelena Loncar, 27, his sister, who lived a few blocks from her brother.

GoFundme Page

A GoFundMe page has been created for Loncar’s family.

Investigation Report

Police say they will release more details on the suspects as they continue their investigation.


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