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Nakeyah Smith
Nakeyah Smith

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Nakeyah Smith Illinois woman attacked by a male attendant at the Dolton Shell gas station attempting to use the bathroom. The incident captured on video leads to the boycott of the store.

The video has captured a black woman assaulted by a male attendant after attempting to use a bathroom at a Chicago-area gas station.

Nakeyah Smith Age

Nakeyah Smith’s age is unclear.

Video Shows Gas Station Attendant Beating Woman

The video shows Nakeyah Smith being repeatedly hit on the head by a male attendant after finishing using the bathroom at a Shell station in Dolton, Illinois.

Nakeyah is seen collapsing in front of a shelf as the employee, dressed in a neon visibility jacket, hits her on the head.

“Open the door!” The man’s voice is heard shouting in the video.

The notice of the assault came after a stranger filmed the incident and shared it with WBBM.

“Every time I close my eyes to go to sleep, that’s all I see,” Smith, who was bruised from the assault, told WBBM.

It is unclear from the report when the assault occurred, although the deputy responsible for the attack surrendered to Dolton police on Tuesday afternoon.

Smith says he asked the man if he could use the bathroom at the 24-hour facility at 1445 E. Sibley Boulevard, 20 miles south of downtown Chicago.

He said no, but Smith came in after getting the go-ahead from an employee.

“She let me go to the bathroom,” Nakeyah told WBBM.

Later, “I hear it coming from behind the counter and I’m going to close the door.”

Nakeyah said that he urinated himself out of fear of what the attendant might do.

Boycott of Dalton Shell gas station

“It’s a medical condition. I can’t control it all the time,” Smith said.

When he went to open the door, “he pushed me, I pushed him back,” Smith said.

“So I kept dating and he started hitting me.”

At 10 pm Wednesday, the gas station was closed after residents protested outside, with a woman holding a sign that read: “# Justice4Keyah.”

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Others had complained about the assistant before, according to WBBM.

“When you get complaints, check those complaints,” said Nakeyah Smith’s mother, Tene Smith. “ It was hitting, ” Tene Smith said. “He attacked her.”

Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard released a statement about the incident on her Facebook page Thursday.

“Personally, I am saddened, hurt and angry after seeing this horrible video. Before any title it may have, I am first a black woman. This young woman’s pain is also my pain,” she said.

Henyard added that she directed the police chief to work closely with the Cook County state attorney to ensure the “proper” charges are brought against the deputy.

“This incident speaks directly to the problem of violence against women in this country. My heart aches for this young woman. She prayed not only that she recovers from the injuries that she has suffered, but also from the mental aspects that she will now have to endure. ”

The identity of the male gas station employee has to date not been released.


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