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Naomi Biden
Naomi Biden

Naomi Biden Wiki – Naomi Biden Biography

Naomi Biden is the eldest granddaughter of President Joe Biden and the first lady, Dr. Jill Biden. Her parents are Hunter Biden and his first wife, Kathleen. Naomi was named in her honor by Hunter and the younger sister of Beau Biden, who died in the car accident along with his mother, Neilia, in December 1972.

Naomi Biden has the most public profile of Biden’s grandchildren. She is known for sharing adorable family photos on her Instagram account. She also appeared on the world stage while her grandfather was the vice president; She traveled with him on an official visit to China in August 2011, as VOA News reported at the time. Naomi was also with Biden on a trip to New Zealand in July 2016, the NZ Herald reported.

Naomi Biden and her grandfather came to attention online during a trip to Camp David on President’s Day weekend. She posted a short video on her Instagram Stories showing the two of them playing a Mario Kart game; Since then, Forbes reporter Andrew Solender has re-shared the clip on Twitter. Naomi Biden wrote in the video: “The Secret Service made an exception and let him drive himself! A little rusty but still won (barely). “The shared clip has been viewed more than half a million times.

Naomi Biden followed her family tradition by pursuing a legal career. Grandpa Joe Biden graduated from Syracuse University School of Law and was a public defender before launching his political career. Her father, Hunter Biden, graduated from Yale Law School in 1996 and is currently licensed to practice law in Washington, D.C., according to a search of the D.C. lawyer directory.

Like her father, Naomi Biden also attended an Ivy League school to obtain her law degree. She graduated from Columbia Law School in 2020, according to a list of graduates published by the university.

Naomi Biden Age

Naomi Biden is 27 years old.

Hired as an Associate at a Washington

Depending on her schedule, Naomi Biden could be a frequent guest at the White House. In an interview with NBC’s Today show just before the opening, Naomi Biden joked about how close she would be living to her grandparents for at least the next four years: “I’m so excited they’re just a few miles from me. apartment so I can go steal some free food from the kitchen. ”

Naomi Biden was also expected to work closely with her. The Washingtonian, citing a spokesperson for the firm, reported that she was one of 55 associates hired at Arnold & Porter, an international law firm based in the nation’s capital. It is located approximately one mile from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Naomi Biden was expected to begin work in the DC office in January 2021, according to The Washingtonian. But at the time of writing, she was not listed as an associate on the Arnold & Porter website. It was also unclear if she had passed the bar exam. Naomi Biden’s name did not appear in a search by members of the DC Bar Association until February 15.

Naomi Biden Worked as a Senate

Naomi Biden gained experience on Capitol Hill as a teenager. She noted on her LinkedIn account that she interned as a Senate Page during the summer of 2011. According to the Senate website, the pages are “named and sponsored by a senator, they must be high school students, at least college. The duties of the Senate page consist primarily of delivering correspondence and legislative material within the congressional complex. ”

Naomi Biden attended the University of Pennsylvania. According to her LinkedIn account of hers, she majored in international relations.

She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in May 2016. According to her graduation schedule, Naomi Biden was a classmate of Tiffany Trump. As CBS Philly reported, there was additional security at the graduation ceremony because both Joe Biden and Donald Trump were present. Joe Biden took the stage to present his diploma to Naomi Biden, according to CBS Philly.


Naomi Biden took her longtime boyfriend Peter Neal to the housewarming festivities. They each shared a photo on Instagram from the evening portion of the event, during which Naomi wore a bright magenta outfit.

The couple has been together since at least 2018. Neal first appeared on his Instagram account in June 2018. He seemed to be referring to how the relationship began when he wrote in the caption: “Zero to 100 faster than Ariana and Pete “. (Comedian Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande announced they were engaged in June 2018 just weeks after confirming they were dating, according to a timeline of the relationship via Insider.)


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According to his LinkedIn account, Neal is also pursuing a legal career. He is a law student at the University of Pennsylvania and hopes to graduate in 2022. He has a BA in political communication from George Washington University.

Neal doesn’t post often on Instagram but uses the account to praise his girlfriend. He celebrated Naomi’s birthday in December 2019 with this sweet caption: “Happy birthday to my partner in all @naomibiden who is the brightest and most beautiful best friend. She is kinder, caring and caring than the world deserves and everyone, and I, in particular, are lucky to have another trip around the sun with her.

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