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Natango Robinson
Natango Robinson

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The footage, released Friday, shows a wild encounter on Oct. 22 between suspect Natango Robinson, 35, and a Metropolitan Police Department cop who ran to help two other officers as they tried to arrest the man after allegedly chasing him. . another person with a gun.  A Washington DC police officer shot a suspect who repeatedly ignored his orders to stop his SUV while he was in the back of the moving vehicle, frantic video shows.

The third officer repeatedly orders Robinson to “stop reaching” for the suspicious weapon at his waist as his two colleagues fight him in the front seat of a dark-colored Jeep. Robinson managed to free himself from the first two officers and then began to drive away with the third officer still in the back seat, images show.

Natango Robinson Shot & killed

“Stop! Okay, stop!” The cop yelled frantically. “Stop the car! Stop the car! Stop the car! Put it in the park! Put it in the park!” Robinson, from southeast DC, begs the officer not to shoot him as he drives two blocks of the city with the cop in the back seat. “Please don’t shoot me bro!” Robinson pleads at one point as the police officer kept yelling at him to obey, the footage shows.

The exasperated officer continued to order Robinson to stop the still-moving truck before shooting him in the upper body. Police said the officer got out of the vehicle and fell onto the road when Robinson fled the scene. He was later arrested at a hospital while receiving treatment for a gunshot wound. department officials said in a statement.

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Two officers were injured during the fight and were treated at a hospital for minor injuries, while a third did not need medical attention, police said. The officer who shot Robinson, who had a road rash all over his body, was placed on administrative leave after the shooting, in accordance with department regulations.

“I shot, I shot,” the officer told another police officer who came to his aid after exiting the truck, the video shows. “I hit him.” Robinson, who has been indicted on charges including serious assault on a police officer and kidnapping while armed, remains hospitalized in serious condition. NBC Washington reported early Saturday.


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