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Niamh Mulreany
Niamh Mulreany

Niamh Mulreany Wiki – Niamh Mulreany Biography

Niamh Mulreany and 30-year-old Kirstie McGrath were arrested at Dublin Airport yesterday afternoon and charged last night. Ms. Mulreany’s father Eddie Freeman said: “They are very distressed. My daughter followed every travel rule. They were and are being treated in an unbelievable way.”

Ms. Mulreany, a mother of one from Christchurch, Dublin, and mum-of-two Ms. McGrath, from Fatima Mansions in the capital, have been charged with breaches of Covid-19 regulations under the Health Act.

Niamh Mulreany Age

Niamh Mulreany is 25 years old.

Arrested – Charges

The friends are to appear in the Courts of Criminal Justice this morning. They had been returning home from King’s College Hospital in Dubai after receiving treatment. It was their second trip to the Middle East as they had cosmetic surgery there a few weeks ago, only to have to fly back again.

Prior to traveling to Dubai last week, they checked with their airline over travel guidelines. However, as they were about to return home having obtained negative PCR tests as requested they were detained at the airport in Dubai.

There they were informed they could not board their return flight unless they paid €1,850 in hotel quarantine fees for when they arrived in Dublin. The women said they had spent all of their money and had no other funds but were not allowed to board the flight.

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For the next two days, they were left roaming the airport and nearby streets as Ms. Mulreany’s father tried to make contact with the Department of Foreign Affairs, several embassies, and politicians.

Mr. Freeman added: “It took two days to even get them on another flight. Independent councilor Christy Burke made contact with Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney and between them they managed, after hours of work, to sort out a waiver form to get them onto a flight on Thursday night as both have children who are dependent on them.

“When they arrived into Dublin at around midday [yesterday] they were again told they would have to go to quarantine but the girls refused to sign any documentation. They are now being held in Ballymun Garda station. This is a terrible situation to be in.”

A Garda spokesman said: “Gardai implemented the four Es approach – engaging, explaining and encouraging with enforcement a last resort.

“After failing to comply with gardai two women were arrested for breaches of the Health Act and taken to Ballymun Garda station. Both women have since been charged.”



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