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Nicholas Alahverdian was arrested in an Interpol notice at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow on December 13, where he was intubated after nearly dying from the virus. Alahverdian, who claimed to have died of cancer in February 2020 at age 32, is wanted on a 2008 se**xual assault charge in Utah.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office in Provo began the search for Alahverdian in 2020 after testing old se**xual assault kits and linking him to a 2008 case that had been closed by a detective without being referred to prosecutors. The Utah prosecutor said Alahverdian had also fled the charges in Ohio, although further details of the allegations against Alahverdian, who claims to be a married father with two children, have not been shared. He also faced charges of fraud and extortion in Utah and Ohio, the Providence-Journal reported.

Her former adoptive mother told the outlet last year that she illegally obtained more than 22 credit cards and loans in her husband’s name and accumulated a debt of nearly $ 200,000. He was convicted in Dayton, Ohio in 2008 of public indecency and se**xual imposition; Alahverdian claimed in a 2013 civil lawsuit that the charges stemmed from allegations that he mas**turbated in a hallway at Sinclair Community College.

Alahverdian claimed to have died in Rhode Island, where state officials mourned his passing, and his current medical problems meant police were finally able to locate and arrest him.

Nicholas Alahverdian Age

Nicholas Alahverdian is 34-years-old.

Nick Alahverdian, suspected of faking his death, found in Scotland

He faced extradition via video link from his room in a Scottish hospital last month and was kept under police surveillance. It is unclear how Alahverdian was captured and if he has been returned to the United States. DailyMail.com has reached out to the Ohio County district attorney’s office for comment.

The scammer saw an effusive obituary of Alahverdian posted online, which his former adoptive mother suspected the alleged scammer had written himself, after acknowledging his writing style. There was also a supposedly posthumous indictment on YouTube, uploaded three weeks after Alahverdian’s death, asking supporters to help the former foster child push for reform at the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families.

Speaking hoarsely towards the end of a self-hyped video touting his accomplishments, Alahverdian said: “I am Nicholas Alahverdian and I kindly ask you to join me in my final fight to reform DCYF.” A news report from a local radio station announcing Alahverdian’s death was also uploaded to the same YouTube channel, in an attempt to underline that Alahverdian really was dead.

In March 2020, Rhode Island Rep. Frank McCabe praised him as “an accomplished author and advocate for child welfare reform.” “During his years in DCYF custody, he endured significant abuse, deprivation of education, neglect, and unsanitary living conditions,” McCabe said in the House of Representatives. The challenges he faced throughout those years could have irrevocably changed his life.

Instead, those difficulties gave her understanding, passion, and drive. More than a survivor, Nicholas endured and eventually got over those years in the system. ‘

The s**ex offender, previously convicted of two sexual assaults in Ohio in 2008, used the name Arthur Knight when detained by Scottish police officers, but is believed to have used at least eight different aliases since his escape in 2018. More details on how Knight ended up in Scotland and how long he was there have yet to be revealed.

Alahverdian, who also uses the Rossi last name, fled the United States after DNA linked him to a se**xual assault in Ohio amid reports of similar crimes across the country. According to the Utah County Attorney’s Office, he is charged with fraud and se**xual assault in at least two states.

In February 2020 An obituary was published stating that Alahverdian had died of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and that his last words were “fear not and run into the bliss of the sun.” The obituary says that he passed away with his wife, family, and two children by his side.

“At the time of his passing, the room was filled with the sounds of the end credits of the 1997 film ‘Contact’ by composer Alan Silvestri, a film and a score that held special meaning for Mr. Alahverdian,” says the obituary.

The obituary, which some suspect was written by Alahverdian himself, claimed that members of the House of Representatives and Senate were among those who paid tribute to a “fighter in spirit but a peacemaker in practice.” The tribute also described him as “one of the most vocal, outspoken and constructive advocates for reforming the Rhode Island [Department of Children, Youth, and Families] and the child care system.”

Doubts about his alleged death arose when a person claiming to be his widow insisted that his ashes be scattered at sea and refused to show his death certificate to The Providence Journal. Alahverdian’s adoptive mother also acknowledged that the complimentary comments in her obituary were similar to her writing style.

A year after his self-proclaimed “death” of him, reports emerged in the US that police did not believe he was dead and were actively pursuing him. He had previously been questioned by the FBI on a charge of credit card fraud.

But he is now subject to extradition proceedings to Utah after DNA officials drove him to Scotland, where they found him in hospital with a ventilator. In 2008, Alahverdian was convicted of two counts of sexual assault in Ohio, and in 2017 his DNA from that case was uploaded to a national database.

Alahverdian grew up in a foster home in Rhode Island and “made it his mission to fight his mission to fight what he described as abuses in the state’s child care system,” local radio station WRPO 630 said in reporting on his death. Prosecutors claim that in 2020, his DNA matched samples from a se**xual assault that allegedly took place in Utah and they found him a suspect in several other incidents in the United States.

He also had a live warrant after failing to register as a sex offender in Rhode Island. Alahverdian is now the subject of an extradition proceeding instigated by Utah County Attorney David Leavitt, who thanked police around the world, including Scotland’s police, for finding the wanted man. He said: “Our office is grateful for the important interagency collaboration of law enforcement agencies in bringing this suspect to justice.”

An official statement from the Utah County prosecutor added: “Investigators also learned that Nicholas Rossi had fled the country to avoid prosecution in Ohio and attempted to make investigators and state legislators in other states believe that he was deceased.

Through the diligent efforts of SBI agents and various investigators in other states and agencies, and in cooperation with the Utah County Attorney’s Office, it was discovered that Mr. Rossi was living under a false name in Scotland. “He has been arrested and the Utah County Attorney’s Office is working with federal and international agencies to extradite Mr. Rossi back to Utah.”

Rhode Island State Police Commander Robert A. Creamer said: “He was located in Scotland about a month ago, where he was hooked up to a ventilator.” A Scottish police spokeswoman said: “Officers arrested a 34-year-old man in Glasgow on Monday 13 December in connection with an international arrest warrant. A report was presented to the prosecutor.

A spokeswoman for the Crown Office added: “I can confirm that Arthur Knight appeared via a QEUH video link on Thursday, December 23, 2021, in connection with the United States extradition proceedings.” “No future dates have yet been set.”

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