Who was Nicole Amari Hall? Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Found Dead, Suspect Arrested

Nicole Amari Hall
Nicole Amari Hall

Nicole Amari Hall Wiki – Nicole Amari Hall Biography

Nicole Amari Hall, The search for an 8-year-old autistic girl reported missing in Gwinnett County, Georgia, on Sunday ended with the grim discovery of her body and murder charges against her mother’s partner.

It is not yet clear what caused Nicole Amari Hall’s death, but authorities say her mother’s claim that she disappeared early Sunday morning was false.

Brittany Nicole Hall and her partner Celeste Owens had been living in a hotel with Hall’s three children and said the girl may have moved away. Police launched a frantic search effort to find her, telling the public to be on the lookout for a girl who fit her description, wearing a Tweety jacket and blue and white pajamas.

Found Dead

But Tuesday morning, the boy’s body was found in a forest about 15 miles from the hotel, according to Gwinnett County Sheriff J.D. McClure, who announced the grim end of the search during a press conference.

“It is extremely painful. It is extremely painful. We all have family and we acknowledge the innocence of an 8-year-old boy, ”McClure told reporters. “Although we cannot bring her back, we can bring those responsible for her death to justice.”

“I cannot speculate as to why she was reported missing. But our investigation revealed that Amari was, in fact, not missing. Very early in the investigation, we began to suspect foul play,” he said.

The circumstances of the girl’s death remain unknown, and an autopsy is expected to reveal exactly how she died. Hall’s partner, Owens, was charged Sunday before her body was found on six counts of first-degree cruelty to children and lying to police. On Tuesday, he was added to the murder charge, cover-up of death, and another charge of child cruelty, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

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Brittany Nicole Hall Arrested

Hall was arrested Monday and charged with making false statements, falsely reporting a crime, and five counts of cruelty in the first degree to children. She is expected to be charged with concealing a body, but not with the murder of her daughter, the newspaper reports.

Hall is said to have immediately raised suspicions when she reported the disappearance of her daughter to the police. He made the call at 9:15 a.m. and said that he had last seen her daughter between midnight and 1 a.m. when she and Celeste went to bed. But authorities say they noticed inconsistencies in his story after police questioned his involvement.

“We compared the statements we had received from Brittany Hall and also from her partner, Celeste Owens,” McClure told reporters. “We compared those statements and recognized that those statements were in fact false.”

Hall’s other children, a 6-year-old daughter, and a 5-year-old son, are in protective custody. It is unclear whether the charges of cruelty to children also relate to them. McClure said at least some of the charges date back to an incident at another hotel where the couple lived but did not elaborate on how it was determined.


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