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Nicole Flanagan
Nicole Flanagan

Nicole Flanagan Wiki – Nicole Flanagan Biography

Nicole Flanagan was put into a barrel and was found by police in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. Police now say a body found in a plastic container in New Jersey was taken from a luxury building in the financial district. NewsCopter 7 was over Ridgefield Park last week, where the woman’s remains were discovered near Hobart Street and Teaneck Rd. In Ridgefield Park.

Investigators said Thursday they dumped the 95 Wall Street woman in a barrel the night before she was discovered. Images have emerged of the gruesome moment when police found the naked body of an es ** cort stuffed into a 55-gallon barrel that was dumped in New Jersey.

Nicole Flanagan Age

Nicole Flanagan was 42 years old.

Nicole Flanagan Body Found

Actual video filmed by CBS 2 News shows police officers circling the large plastic container after a horrible odor led residents to discover the cask-turned-casket on a sidewalk in Ridgefield Park last week. At least five officers could be seen inspecting the barrel which was later determined to contain the remains of the es ** cort Nicole. Police were first alerted to the barrel on August 13 after residents noticed the bad smell it emanated.

“It’s so scary to know that someone just put someone in a barrel like they were nothing. It’s very scary. That’s really brutal, “a resident told CBS 2 News.” I hope they caught whoever it is because I don’t want to have to look over my shoulder. I want my children to be able to play outside. ”

Neighbors also told the local news station that garbage collection is on Fridays, so the barrel initially did not seem suspicious. In the week since the discovery was made, grim details have emerged, including how Flanagan was put in a barrel in a luxury apartment building in New York City before he was dumped into the New Jersey neighborhood.

Flanagan, who was identified after police verified her fingerprints, appeared on surveillance video entering 95 Wall St. in the financial district the night before her body was discovered, law enforcement sources told the Post. . She entered the building with a man who, according to sources, was identified by investigators.

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The video captured the man who then took the barrel out of the luxury apartment building into a luggage rack and loaded it into a U-Haul around 10:45 p.m. that same night. A security guard at the building questioned the drum when it was brought in, but the man said he was moving, sources said.

Police are still looking for the U-Haul. Flanagan had previously been arrested for prostitution, according to sources. A Bergen County coroner found no signs of injury on the woman’s body and ordered a toxicology report, the sources added. She was from Greenwich, Connecticut, and went by the nickname “Nicky B,” according to an online obituary and social media. Her social accounts included a series of quotes, including: “F-k with me when your Chakras are aligned” and “What can I say? I’m just me.”

A Bergen County coroner found no signs of injury on the woman’s body. She is pending a toxicology report. NYPD participated in the investigation Wednesday. A resident in the building said police have been concentrating on an apartment on the 22nd floor that was occupied by two men in their 20s.

“The police are still there and they are looking for the two guys,” the resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Post from outside the building on Thursday. The neighbor said the two men had moved during the pandemic. “You looked good, young people. You wouldn’t think anything of them. They were very respectful to me and always started a conversation with me in the hallway, ”he said.

The man added that “the police asked me if I smelled something strange” but he could only remember the smell of “marijuana and bad air freshener.” I didn’t smell anything out of the ordinary, ”he said.


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