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Oreanna Myers
Oreanna Myers

Oreanna Myers Wiki – Oreanna Myers Biography

Oreanna Myers is a West Virginia mother who killed her five young children before burning her home and shooting herself on Dec. 8, authorities said this week. She murdered her three children and two stepchildren.

The Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department revealed Thursday that 25-year-old Oreanna Antoinette Myers killed her three sons and two stepchildren on Dec. 8, then set fire to her two-story home near Williamsburg, West Virginia. Immediately afterward, Myers committed suicide, authorities said.

Oreanna Myers Age

Oreanna Myers was 25 years old.


Myers had three children and two stepchildren from her husband’s previous marriage. The children were identified as Shaun Dawson Bumgarner, 7, Riley James Bumgarner, 6, Kian Myers, 4, Aarikyle Nova Myers, 3, and Haiken Jirachi Myers, 1.

Mental Health

Myers suffered from depression and was upset that her husband had stayed with her father for two weeks instead of her and the children at their home outside Williamsburg, West Virginia, due to transportation problems, the sheriff said. Greenbrier County, Bruce Sloan. Thursday.

In the various notes that she left her husband, she spoke about mental health

“Mental health is serious. I hope that one day someone will help others like me. Mental health is not to be joked or taken lightly. When someone begs, begs, cries out for help, please help him. It could save a life or more lives. Thanks, OAM. ”

Myers Killed his five children

Myers killed her five young children before burning down her house and shooting herself on December 8.

An hour later, firefighters responded to a 911 call at the family’s home and found the home completely engulfed in flames.

After extinguishing the flames, the bodies of the young victims were found inside the house with gunshot wounds to the head. Myers was found dead outside the home near a picnic table, with the murder weapon by her side.

She started when Myers picked up two of her children at the bus stop at the end of the school day on Tuesday in December with a red line drawn across her face. When asked by her children if she was bleeding, Myers replied that she drew it, witnesses told investigators.

She left a confessional suicide note in which she wrote that she was not strong enough to defeat her “demons” and apologized for her “evil crime”, police officials said Thursday. .

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Myers left several notes with her husband denoting her guilt.

“I’m so sorry, Brian,” read one. “I was not strong enough for you or for this family. My head is so (expletive). I am sorry for my wicked crime. He wasn’t strong enough to fight these demons, Snap. Crunch, Boom. So depressed. Sleepy heart. A completely shattered soul. I’m sorry I failed you. I’m sorry I failed our handsome boys. I am so sorry I was not strong enough. OAM “.

Oreanna Myers Death

Myers was found dead outside the home near a picnic table, with the murder weapon lying by her side.



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