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Paris Wilder
Paris Wilder

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Paris Wilder was reportedly a resident of Cocoa, Florida. He has an extensive criminal history with 40 prior arrests and 23 felony counts for crimes including robbery with a firearm, aggravated assault with a weapon, multiple narcotics offenses, assault on a law enforcement officer, and attempted felony murder. in first grade. At the time of the Aug. 30 incident, she was out on bail for two serious drug offenses, police say. Wilder also had two active arrest warrants against her name that day.

Voter records list Wilder as a non-Hispanic black male registered to vote in Brevard County. Records indicate that he has no known political affiliation. Little else is known about Wilder, beyond his background. Records show he has been arrested since 2002, with six counts dropped and another 17. In Brevard County alone, he was convicted of 12 counts, a record that has left Ivey furious. “Why would a thug with this kind of criminal record even get bail to go out on our streets to harm someone else?” he asked her on the video.

Paris Wilder Age

Paris Wilder was 38 years old.

Shooting – Death

On August 30, Potters and Thoman stopped a car on West New Haven Avenue. Thoman was seen talking to the woman, as Potters approaches the car and asks Wilder to get out. Thoman and the woman can be heard talking about their children, but what Potters tell Wilder is unclear. When Wilder exits the vehicle, he immediately pulls out a pistol and shoots Potter. “I am beaten!” he yells from behind the police car, while Thoman also takes cover. Wilder is then seen hopping on one foot, indicating that he too was hit, but it is unclear who.

Wilder then goes from behind the vehicles to approach Potter from the rear. He then hits the officer over the head with his AR-15 several times, while Thoman takes cover behind the second police car. Thoman then approaches Wilder from behind and fires multiple shots while he is on the ground. The entire incident only lasts a few minutes and ends with Wilder’s death on the spot.

Potter was reportedly shot in the lower leg and suffered multiple lacerations to his head. Ivey noted that he suffered “tissue damage, a concussion, and fractures,” while Thoman was not injured. Potters was rushed to a local hospital, where his injuries were not considered life-threatening. He is expected to make a full recovery. Both agents are on paid administrative leave, as is the standard protocol. “Let there be no doubt, this individual got exactly what he deserved,” Ivey said in the video statement.

It is unclear if Wilder had a family. During the traffic stop, he was in the car with a woman, a two-month-old baby, and a dog. Another man was also seen at the scene and escaped after Wilder opened fire. It is unclear how they are related to Wilder at this time, but Ivey noted: “None of these occupants had anything to do with the ambush.” He also added that none of them, including the boy, were injured in the shooting, despite being “directly in the line of fire.”

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The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has released images of an assault on two of its deputies on August 30. Two officers Brian Potters and Tyler Thoman were attacked by career criminal Paris Wilder during a routine traffic stop on I-95 in Melbourne, Florida. The assault ended with Potter suffering serious but not fatal injuries, and Wilder was killed in a shootout with Thoman.

Wilder’s brutal attack is one of many against police officers this year, with 266 police officers dying in the line of duty so far in 2021. On August 17, Representative Brent Chitwood was shot in the chest. during a traffic stop near Wichita Falls. Fortunately, he survived the incident, a fortune other brave police officers did not have. On August 7, Chicago Police Officer Ella French was killed after three suspects opened fire on her and her partner. Before that, in June, Holly Springs Police Department Officer Joe Burson was killed after being dragged away by a motorist he was trying to stop.

It’s unclear why Wilder attacked Potters and Thoman, but it could have to do with his extensive criminal record. Sheriff Wayne Ivey noted that Wilder had more than 40 counts of various crimes and had two active arrest warrants in his name at the time of the incident. Both officers from the incident made it out alive, while Wilder died at the scene after a quick shootout.


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