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Patrick Phillip Byrne
Patrick Phillip Byrne

Patrick Phillip Byrne Wiki – Patrick Phillip Byrne Biography

Patrick Phillip Byrne, a United States Army Ranger, is being charged with first-degree murder following the death of a woman in Tacoma, Washington. He says he doesn’t remember the attack, due to a blackout after a night of drinking.

Byrne, who is stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, is charged with killing 42-year-old Denise Smith on July 18. He has pleaded not guilty.

Patrick Phillip Byrne Age

Patrick Phillip Byrne is 26 years old.

Patrick Phillip Byrne Accused

The attack took place at an office building in downtown Tacoma. Byrne had an altercation and was punched in the face while he was in a bar with friends, prosecutors said. She then went to the office building, where she allegedly attacked Smith while she was on duty as a security guard.

Byrne is accused of hitting Smith with his fists and a set of keys to the point that he was unrecognizable, according to court documents. He then allegedly strangled her from her, ultimately leading to her death, according to the documents.

“It appeared to a detective that he was trying to stab or gouge her eyes,” according to court documents.

“During the defendant’s prolonged attack on the victim, she repeatedly tried to fight back and tried to escape from her, but the defendant grabbed her each time and prevented her from fleeing,” the documents continue. He “he repeatedly dominated her, assaulted her and pulled her by the braid.”

Prosecutors say that once Byrne killed Smith, he threw himself out of a window, smashed furniture and jumped 14 feet onto concrete. Once he recovered from passing out, he allegedly started screaming for help and claimed that he was stabbed and se**xually assaulted. When he arrived at the hospital, doctors discovered that he had not been stabbed and did not allow them to examine him for se**xual assault injuries.

Byrne told police that he does not remember the attack. He said he only remembers going to a bar, drinking and passing out. Byrne says that when he came to, he was in the hospital.

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Charges – Arrested

Smith’s body was found a few hours later by a co-worker. Byrne was arrested after security camera footage appeared to show him attacking and killing Smith. Byrne is also being charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree kidnapping, and one count of first-degree robbery.

The United States Army Special Operations Command issued a statement on Byrne. The office is cooperating with the police during the investigation.

Smith’s sister spoke to KOMO-TV about how her sister was a “nice, gentle and sweet” person.

“She just loved, she just cared, she kept to herself, she took care of her own business,” said Mack, who was parked in front of the office tower where her sister died. “I came here to see the building because I wanted to see it for myself.”

He also claimed that Byrne’s arrest did not ease the pain that she and her family lost Smith.

“That doesn’t bring me any sense of peace, no,” Mack said. “That arrest will not bring her back.”


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