Who is Paula Monica Gimenez? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Parents, Cause of Death

Paula Monica Gimenez
Paula Monica Gimenez

Paula Monica Gimenez Wiki, Biography

Paula Monica Gimenez Age, artistically known as “Gemma” or “Chiny,” was found with a wire around her neck on Christmas Day in the city of Posadas, The Sun reported.

The rapper was celebrating the parties with family and friends at a house across the street, before she decided to return home to her ex, Franco, 21, who reportedly stayed for several minutes before leaving, according to the outlet.

Giménez, who was a renowned hip-hop artist in Posadas, was the mother of a girl between six and seven years old, whom she had from a previous relationship.

Paula Monica Gimenez Age

Paula Monica was 21 years old.


“My dad wants me to put a restraining order on him, but I don’t want to do that. But I’m going to ask you to talk to him.

“My daughter wasn’t there today, but if she does that again and my baby is there, I’ll have to report it. Please, I ask, I don’t want any more problems. ”

Giménez’s daughter was with her father at the time of his death.

Judge Verón was taking charge of the investigative statements and is believed to be interviewing Giménez’s parents, awaiting analysis of their phones and Franco’s.

Cause of Death

She was found hanged inside her home; One death originally ruled a suicide that police now say is suspicious after evidence surfaced about her ex-boyfriend, according to a report. Franco claimed that Giménez threatened to harm himself if he did not return and said that she had sent him photos of a rope and a knife.

A friend he called to check on Giménez, the mother of a girl, found her hanging from the wire, The Sun reported, citing InfoBae. Franco, who was questioned by police and later released, claimed that he had not had a relationship with Giménez for six months, adding that she had constantly threatened to harm herself if he did not return, according to the report.

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Police originally ruled the death a suicide, but have since launched an investigation after alarming posts surfaced on Giménez’s social media, claiming that she “feared for her life” and felt “threatened.”

Recent posts included cryptic messages saying that she “wanted to be known for music and not for something bad happening to her,” the Sun reported.

Some of her neighbors described her relationship with Franco as “violent” and “toxic,” according to local media outlet Misiones Online.

The ex-boyfriend had also threatened Giménez and his daughter with fake accounts on social media, saying: “If I see you around again, you and your daughter will regret it.”

Local media reported that a screenshot of WhatsApp messages shows Giménez asking for help from an unidentified man.

“Sir, Franco was at my house recently. He jumped over the door and hit my door like crazy, ”the message says.


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