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Philece Sampler
Philece Sampler

Philece Sampler Wiki – Philece Sampler Biography

Philece Sampler, a soap opera actress who appeared on Another World and Days of Our Lives, is dead. She began on the Days of Our Lives series as Renee DiMera and on the soap opera Another World as Donna Love Hudson. She also voiced various characters in English dubbing of anime and Japanese animation, sometimes under the alias Dana Hayes.

Sampler’s vocal range demonstrated the ability to play male roles (Cody from Digimon), old lady roles (Tiptory in Eureka Seven and Toph in The Legend of Korra), and a normal voice in many roles, such as Hiyori Tamura from Lucky Star.

“My dear friend Philece Sampler died unexpectedly at her home in her Los Angeles. She was an enormously talented actress with a loving heart and a kind soul, ”her friend Peggy Webb, an author, confirmed on Twitter.

After graduating from the University of North Texas in 1975 with a degree in drama, she went to Hollywood and quickly landed guest roles in a few movies and television series, including the 1978 series The Incredible Hulk in season 4, episode 61. titled “Dark Side”.

Sampler first made a name for herself playing Renée DuMonde on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Renee’s character became the center of a major murder mystery in 1983, resulting in one of the most spectacular goodbyes in daytime history. After leaving Days of our Lives in September 1983, she moved on to the television series Rituals, which ran from 1984 to 1985. The show also featured future soap opera star Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, Days) and Jon Lindstrom ( Kevin, GH). as well as veteran soap opera star Kin Shriner (ex Scotty, GH; ex Brian, B&B) and Tina Louise (Ginger). from Gilligan’s Island). After Rituals, Philece moved to Another World in 1986 to play Donna Love, a role that replaced the original actress Anna Stuart.

She left AW in 1989 when Stuart claimed the role her. She had a couple of guest-starring roles on TJ Hooker as Sue Ann and on Hunter as Casey. She then took a sabbatical in Japan with her then-fiancé. She returned to the United States with some scripts and formed Philman Entertainment, a production company.

Philece Sampler Age

Philece Sampler was 67 years old.


Sampler married Larry Dean on July 10, 1999.

Cause of Death

Nelson Aspen, a journalist, and friend of Sampler, also confirmed his death. He wrote on Instagram,

Heartbroken to receive the call today that my dear friend, Philece Sampler, passed away from a heart attack shortly before her 68th birthday. That explains why I didn’t hear from her yesterday on my own birthday: we always celebrate as Cancer brothers. She was an incredibly energetic, loving, and loyal friend.

I met Philece in 1987 when we were both working on “Another World.” She joined the cast after successful appearances on “Days of Our Lives” and the primetime series “Rituals.”

When I moved to Los Angeles in 1990, she generously let me live in her beautiful Hollywood Hills home of hers and we became even closer. So close, in fact, that we wrote several scripts together and raised beautiful Abyssinian cats. I think during the 90s, I spent more time with Philece than with anyone else. She was as wickedly funny as she was lively. Philece was always a complete original!

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She continued a very successful television career and always hoped that “Days of Our Lives” would invite her back. What a shame not to have done it. She was a fan favorite and one of the toughest and most diligent people I have ever met. She gave 1000% to everything she did. In a fickle business like entertainment, I am proud to have been so close to her until the end of her life. She appreciates your loved ones at all times, friends.

The last time we met in person was just before the Covid closed in February of last year. She was putting on my Los Angeles cabaret show at Rockwell. Always supportive, she was there and I surprised her by singing the song “Otro Mundo” and taking her to the stage with me. We were both crying at the end of the song!

Philece was convinced that she was the reincarnation of Anne Askew, an English writer, and poet who had been executed during the reign of Henry VIII. So I’m going to be on the lookout in case she comes back as someone new. If anyone can do it, SHE can!

Goodbye for now, my fun and fabulous friend and “sister of another gentleman.” Rest in peace. #restinpeace #rip #philecesampler #digimon #soapopera #anotherworld #daysoff #rituals #reneedimera #donnalove #anneaskew ’

Fans offered tributes on Facebook. “I loved her in Days, not as much as Donna Love in Another World. May she rest in peace, ”wrote one. “I always liked her characters. Great RIP actress, ”wrote another. “Very sad! I remember seeing her as Renee in DOOL. BREAK!” said a third.

“Stefano’s daughter, what a pity that she was an incredible actress,” intervened another fan.

She was also known in the world of animation. “To Digimon fans, Sampler would be better known as Mimi in Adventure, Adventure 02, and tri. (She was not surprised by the role of Kizuna, probably due to scheduling problems related to the coronavirus.) Besides Mimi, he was also Cody in 02, Alice in Tamers, and Nanami in Data Squad. He also played other roles on the series, including but not limited to: Jeri on Runaway Locomon, Palmon as a replacement voice, Matt & TK’s Grandma on the film, and a few more, “according to WiththeWill.net.

On Facebook, Webb wrote: “My heart is heavy. My dear friend, Philece Sampler, died unexpectedly at her Los Angeles home. She was an extremely talented actress with a beautiful spirit, a loving heart, and a kind soul. Every Wednesday night we talked about everything under the sun, including the projects we planned to do together, and we always ended up laughing out loud. She has been a shining light in my life for over twenty years and I will miss her very much. ”


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