Who is Precious Stephens? Wiki, Bio, Age, New Orleans 911 operator wanted for deliberately hanging up

Precious Stephens
Precious Stephens

Precious Stephens Wiki – Precious Stephens Biography

Precious Stephens faces charges of embezzlement and interference with an emergency communication after disconnecting phone calls without obtaining any information or relaying the incidents to emergency dispatchers, the New Orleans Police Department said.

The Orleans Parish Communications District reported Stephens to police on Aug. 23 after investigating a series of random calls with Stephens during his shifts on Aug. 20 and 21, authorities told NOLA.com.

“(The district) has cooperated and will continue to cooperate with the … investigation into this matter and is dedicated to providing all necessary assistance to assist in (the) efforts,” a statement from the communications district reads. Stephens was on the loose Thursday night.

Stephens Precious Age

Precious Stephens is 25 years old.

New Orleans 911 Operator Wanted for Deliberately Hanging Up

Authorities revealed how a 911 dispatcher faces arrest after disconnecting emergency calls without obtaining critical information or passing it on to other dispatchers.

Precious Stephens, 25, is wanted on a misconduct charge in office and was still at large at the time of this writing. Police said she was fired from her job as a 911 operator. Stephens, who worked for the Orleans Parish Communications District, deliberately disconnected 911 calls without obtaining vital information or informing other operators about the individuals. they called. they needed help, the district told police on Aug. 24.

Officials noted that the district was investigating a series of random calls when they detected problems with the people Stephens served during her shifts on Aug. 20 and 21. Problems with Stephens’ calls were identified by the district’s own internal protocols before she was turned over to the police and she was removed from office. “(The district) has cooperated and will continue to cooperate with the … investigation into this matter and is dedicated to providing all assistance to assist in (the) efforts,” a statement from the communications district reads.

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Stephens was still at large on Friday morning of September 3. She urges anyone who knows her whereabouts to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111. Tipsters may be eligible for a cash reward, according to NOLA.com. Under Louisiana state law, misconduct in office is defined as the unlawful performance of a job in public service. The charge carries up to five years in prison.

The 911 operator refused to send help after a mother accidentally locked her two-month-old daughter in a hot car. Lacey Guyton had been visiting her grandmother Mary Riley in Waterford with her daughter Raina. When it was time to leave, she tied her daughter in the car seat and was about to get into the vehicle when the doors were accidentally locked with the keys inside, leaving the girl in a precarious situation.

The 911 dispatcher who answered her call said “unfortunately they don’t unlock the vehicles” and offered to transfer them to a towing company. “She says, ‘Ma’am, we can’t open cars or break windows,'” Riley said. And then you feel so helpless. All the help that we think we are going to receive, the only help that we are going to receive, we do not have. ”

“She said we had to call a towing company,” recalls Guyton. “I’m like, Grandma, we don’t have time to call a towing company. I don’t know how many minutes I have until she passes out.” Desperate, she tried calling 911 again but ended up getting to the same dispatcher who once again refused to send help. Finally, Guyton used a tool to break the rear window and rescue her daughter.

News of the incident soon reached Police Chief Scott Underwood, who apologized for the ordeal the family had to go through. “It’s a matter of common sense,” he said. “You call 911, you hope someone will come and help you. And we certainly should have. We made a mistake and we have to fix it. “Underwood said the dispatcher who answered the call was a veteran at work and that she should have known better. She added that she would face disciplinary action and that others would receive more training on how to better handle these situations. in the future.


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