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Ravon Service
Ravon Service

Ravon Service Wiki – Ravon Service Biography

Ravon Service, who is one of the men involved in the beating of Dr. Kennisha Gilbert and her husband, was released with a desk appearance ticket Thursday night, New York police confirmed.

At around 7:30 pm, officers responded to an ‘illegal eviction’ call, because the landlord had changed the locks. Kennisha eventually agreed to grant the tenant access, police reported. Around 10 p.m. the same night, she called the police to return to the scene of the assault.

Ravon Service Age

Ravon Service is 26 years old.

Charged – Arrested

One of the men arrested on Thursday, September 30 for keeping at least 20 dogs in ‘deplorable conditions’ in a Brooklyn apartment, was released and returned home later that night, where he allegedly attacked his landlord for’ reporting animal abuse. to the proper authorities, ‘according to police and mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa.

Ravon Service, 26, assaulted her landlord, Kennisha Gilbert, a practicing OB / GYN physician in New Jersey, and her husband outside her home in East Flatbush on Thursday night, Sept. 30.

“It’s too bad I’m here at 2:30 in the morning … as I prepare to go back to a 7 am shift, after my face was smashed, a windshield wiper was ripped from my car, [which was ] used to whip me on my property. This is not right. For those in authority, they should step up. They should step up.

After being arrested, after being charged, they were allowed to return to the assault on my property “, Kennisha spoke of the assault. She needed stitches for a wound on the side of her head and her lip seemed swollen early Friday, October 1. Kennisha’s husband’s injuries were “too severe” and he had not been discharged from Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center.

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Ravon Service was arrested and charged with assault, threats, and harassment, as well as three other people, were also detained, police said. Mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa spoke of the incident, saying, “Imagine our children having to witness all of this right in front of this house for her to do the right thing: report animal abuse to the proper authorities. the dogs were doing a great job.

Because these dogs will now be handed over to rescue professionals who know how to normalize these dogs, how to get them to frolic again, play, and live a normal life. Well, Kennisha, her husband, and their children will have to live here in fear. Because we know these marauders will return. ”

Twenty dogs were rescued from the apartment Thursday. The animals were put into a room in the apartment and neglected, police said. Ravon Service was charged with 20 counts of animal torture, 20 counts of neglecting seized animals, two counts of acting injurious to a child, and one count of criminal mischief, according to the cited reports.


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