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Riley Williams
Riley Williams

Riley Williams Wiki – Riley Williams Biography

Riley Williams is a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania woman accused of stealing a laptop or hard drive from the office of President Nancy Pelosi during the Capitol riots and conspiring to sell it to Russians.

An affidavit in the complaint says Riley June Williams “has fled. According to local law enforcement in Harrisburg, Williams’ mother stated that Williams packed a suitcase and left her house and told her mother that she would be leaving for a couple of weeks. “She also deleted her social media accounts.

The complaint is also linked to the earlier video titled “Revealed: ITV News Identifies Protester Who Breaked Into Capitol Hill.”

In that video, the reporter identifies “Riley Williams” as “the person depicted in excerpts from the previous ITV video described above,” the complaint says. “The reporter then interviewed a woman who identified herself as Williams’ mother and showed her some kind of video.”

Williams’ mother “later stated that she recognized her daughter inside the United States Capitol building and that her daughter had suddenly become interested in President Trump’s politics” and in “far-right message boards.” She claimed Williams “took off” and “left” and is “waiting for the police to come to Williams and ask about her activities on Capitol Hill.”

She wore a T-shirt identifying herself with the Groyper Army, described by ADL as “a loose network of far-right figures who openly support white supremacist and ‘America First’ podcaster Nick Fuentes.”

Riley Williams Age

Riley Williams’s age is unknown.

Former Romantic Partner of Riley Williams

In the days following the January 6, 2021 riots, a witness “made several phone calls to the FBI hotline related to the attacks on the US Capitol … In them, the caller claimed who was Riley June Williams’ former romantic partner. ”

The informant said she noticed Williams “depicted in video footage taken on January 6, 2021, from inside the United States Capitol building.” The insider said Williams “can be seen leading” crowds inside the United States Capitol down a staircase.

The informant directed the police to the YouTube video above. The informant “also claimed to have spoken with friends of Williams,” who showed the informant a video of Williams “removing a laptop or hard drive from Spokesperson Pelosi’s office.”

Williams Planned to Sell the Device to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence

According to the insider, Williams “intended to send the computing device to a friend in Russia, who then planned to sell the device to SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence service.”

The informant told the FBI that “the transfer of the computing device to Russia failed for unknown reasons and Williams still has the computing device or destroyed it. This matter remains under investigation. ”

The affidavit says authorities reviewed the YouTube video called “Storming the Capitol: The Inside Story.” At approximately 20 minutes and 40 seconds into the video, “the subject, who is believed to be Williams, appears at the foot of a staircase, a Caucasian woman wearing a green T-shirt and a brown raincoat and wearing a white striped T-shirt and black bag with zebra print on the shoulders “.

The complaint adds: “She has shoulder-length brown hair and wears glasses. She wears a black mask under her chin, around her neck. She can be heard in the video repeatedly yelling, “Up, up, up,” and she can be seen physically directing other intruders up the stairs. The video also shows a stream of intruders climbing a nearby ladder. Below are two sample screenshots from that YouTube video. ”

Complaint Accuses Williams of Directing ‘Intruders’

The complaint says the officer has “confirmed with the United States Capitol Police that the staircase shown in the video does, in fact, lead to Spokesperson Pelosi’s office. He also reviewed maps of the interior areas of the US Capitol and confirmed that the subject appears to have been in an area near ‘the crypt,’ sometimes known as the ‘Little House Rotunda.

In the audio from the ITV News video, the reporter “claims the recording took place near the area of ​​the US Capitol building. Called ‘the crypt.’

In the background, a bust of Winston Churchill was visible behind the subject, which is also consistent with the location in the “Little House Rotunda”. The maps “confirm that there is a nearby staircase, which leads to the office of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.”

The complaint states: “I have reviewed other images obtained by the FBI that were taken during the civil unrest of January 6, 2021, inside the United States Capitol. Below is a photograph that also shows… Williams inside the United States Capitol building, pointing out and directing intruders. She wears the same green t-shirt and brown raincoat. ”

Williams Went With Her Father to D.C. for the Protests

The officer wrote in the complaint about having “spoken with local law enforcement officers in Harrisburg about his recent interactions with Williams’s parents. According to those officers, on January 11, 2021, local police received a suspicious person report submitted by Williams’ mother. ”

When officers arrived at the home that Williams shares with her mother, they were able to interview her mother without Williams being present. The mother said the suspected person was supposed to be the informant.

Williams’s mother, with officers present, “used her cell phone to make a video phone call to Williams. Officers observed Williams on the screen of her mother’s cell phone and noted that Williams was wearing a brown jacket, according to the screenshots above. According to Harrisburg officers, on January 16, 2021, they spoke to Williams’ mother again, who told them that a British media team had come to her home the night before, asking to speak to Williams, who was not present. “.

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The complaint says the mother acknowledged to the news team that her daughter was in the Capitol footage. Officers called Williams’ father in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. “He said that he drove to Washington, DC, with WILLIAMS for the January 6, 2021 protests. He said that his daughter and he were not together for the entire day and that Williams was meeting with other people she knew. in the protests. . Williams later met with his father outside the United States Capitol building and they returned together to Harrisburg, ”the complaint says.




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