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Roaring Kitty
Roaring Kitty

Roaring Kitty Wiki – Roaring Kitty Biography

Roaring Kitty, is a YouTube and Reddit influencer who helped spark the Wild GameStop craze, driving up its stock prices and upending the market, according to his LLC.

He studied at Stonehill College, where he was recognized as “one of the most decorated runners in the rich history of cross country and athletic programs.”

According to Reuters, Gill is a “Massachusetts financial advisor” who previously worked for MassMutual Insurance. The Wall Street Journal reported that Gill “until recently worked in marketing for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.” He worked as a chartered financial analyst, according to the outlet.

An old LinkedIn page for Gill said that he was director of financial wellness education at MassMutual and president of Debris Publishing Inc.

He was also an investment operations officer at LexShares. A Debris Publishing website describes it as “an independent financial publishing company.

Roaring Kitty Age

Roaring Kitty is 34 years old.


Gill’s videos on YouTube indicate he’s a married father to wife Caroline Gill. He is the son of Steven and Elaine Gill and has a sister, Sara (28), and a brother, Kevin (15).

Roaring Kitty YouTube

He joined YouTube in 2015 and has more than 100,000 subscribers. His page’s description reads, “The Roaring Kitty channel revolves around educational live streams where I share my daily routine of tracking stocks and performing investment research.”

Kitty Sparked GameStop stock price

In mid-2019, a Reddit user known as Roaring Kitty posted an image on an online forum that showed a single $ 53,000 investment in video game retailer GameStop (GME).

Over the next year, he began tweeting about GameStop frequently and making YouTube and TikTok videos about his investment.

Even five months ago, she wrote: “In this video, I share a new style of my analysis on GameStop (GME, $ 4.61, $ 299M market capitalization). In August 2020, I am bullish on stocks. What are your thoughts on GME? ”

According to Reuters, Reddit user DeepF *** ingValue, “helped draw an avalanche of retail cash” to GameStop, sending unappreciative hedge funds to the company into a tailspin and the stock market in tumult. Daily Mail and the Wall Street Journal say that Gill is also the Reddit user DeepF *** ingValue who posts on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum.

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It was then that he began to broadcast his financial ideas live. Other Reddit users started following his every move and piling up on GameStop.

He helped attract a flood of retail cash to GME by burning hedge funds that had wagered against the company and shaking up the overall market.

He now has become a central figure in the January 2021 stock market frenzy. He told the Wall Street Journal that he started investing in GameStop in 2019, when he was costing $ 5 a share.



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