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Robert Altman
Robert Altman

Robert Altman Wiki – Robert Altman Biography

Robert Altman was the CEO of ZeniMax. Bethesda Softworks was founded by MIT professor Christopher Weaver when he wanted to break into the PC gaming market, according to the company’s history. After starting with a few sports titles, the team wanted to create something in the fantasy genre. After dabbling in the idea of a gladiator combat game, they expanded the project with a story with side missions. They released The Elder Scrolls: Arena in 1994, the first of what would become one of the most popular Western RPG franchises in the world.

Altman founded ZeniMax Media in 1999 with Weaver to become Bethesda’s holding company. His early investors included Robert Trump, Donald J. Trump’s brother and a longtime friend of the Altmans, according to Bloomberg.

Robert Altman Age

Robert Altman was 74 years old.

Robert Altman Family

He is survived by his wife Lynda Carter, and two children.

Charges of Defrauding Regulators

Altman’s father founded the firm Krooth & Altman in Washington D.C., while Robert Altman practiced on his own with Clark Clifford, a former Lyndon Johnson defense secretary, by his side, according to Bloomberg. According to Fortune, Altman represented companies in regulatory disputes and in congressional hearings.

In 1992, the couple was charged with fraud, conspiracy and receiving bribes for attempting to conceal ownership of the Bank of Credit & Commerce International in First American Bankshares Inc., according to the Los Angeles Times. Clifford was chairman of the board of First American Bankshares while Altman was chairman, but both had resided the previous year under pressure from the Federal Reserve Board. The BCCI closed the previous year after being accused of drug money laundering, terrorist financing and arms smuggling.

Altman was acquitted in a jury trial the following year, while Clifford, who was 85 at the time, did not stand his ground due to his advanced age according to Bloomberg. In 1998, the couple settled charges with the Federal Reserve and lost $ 5 million.

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Robert Altman Death

Robert A. Altman, founder, president, and CEO of ZeniMax Media Inc. has died at the age of 74.

Games publisher Bethesda, a secondary company of ZeniMax Media, shared the news of Altman’s passing on social media, saying that he “was a true visionary, friend and believer in the spirit of people and the power of what they could. achieve together. He was an extraordinary leader and an even better human being. ”


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