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Robert Plympton
Robert Plympton

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Robert Plympton, An arrest has been made in an unsolved murder case in Oregon from decades ago thanks to an investigative tool known as genetic genealogy, authorities said.

Robert Plympton, now 58, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly killing a 19-year-old college student in January 1980, according to Gresham police.

Robert Plympton Age

Robert Plympton is 58 years old.

Incident Detail

Barbara Mae Tucker was a sophomore in business at Gresham’s Mt. Hood Community College when she was se**xually assaulted and beaten to death, Gresham police said.

The teenager was heading to an evening class when she was seen running down a street from a wooded area on the edge of campus, according to police. Witnesses driving by later said they thought Tucker was waving and trying to get people’s attention, police said. A witness saw a man emerge from the bushes and carry her onto campus, according to police.

A student found Tucker’s body the next day, police said.

Decades went by without identifying a suspect, until technology advanced enough for detectives to use genetic genealogy, police said.

Through genetic genealogy, the DNA of an unknown suspect left at the crime scene can be identified through her family members, who voluntarily submit their DNA to a genealogy database. This allows the police to create a much larger family tree than if they were limited to using police databases such as CODIS.

Charges – Arrested

Genetic genealogy first came to light as a research tool in 2018 when the “Golden State Killer” was arrested. Since then, more than 200 suspects have been identified, according to ABC News consultant CeCe Moore, a genetic genealogist whose team worked on the Barbara Tucker case.

“This devastating case has been on my mind and heart for years,” Moore told ABC News on Wednesday.

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The Tucker case is “an example of stubborn determination both on the part of detectives and through genetic genealogy,” Moore said. “We started out without much to work with, but eventually we were able to finally identify the suspect.”

“My heart goes out to Barbara’s family and I hope this eventually leads to a resolution for them,” Moore said.

Plympton, of Troutdale, Oregon, was arrested on charges including murder and ra**pe, records show. He is due to appear in court on Wednesday.

Gresham Acting Police Chief Claudio Grandjean said the department would not comment on a possible motive.


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