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Rosie Johnson
Rosie Johnson

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Rosie Johnson, whose disappearance prompted a major search in June 2019, was found hanging from a tree by her colleagues 5 days after leaving the camp where she worked equipped with a piece of rope.

An investigation in Newport today (Thursday) heard how the zoology graduate disappeared overnight between Sunday 23 and Monday 24 June 2019, with concerned friends and colleagues reporting her disappearance to Hampshire police when she disappeared. to work as expected.

Rosie Johnson Age

Rosie Johnson was 22 years old.

Cause of Death

As previously reported on the Island Echo, a large-scale search was conducted in and around Wootton in an attempt to locate the missing PGL Little Canada field studies instructor on New Road. Police, Lowland SAR, Coast Guard, and dozens of PGL colleagues and members of the public gathered in hopes of finding Rosie, but sadly her body was found 5 days later Friday, June 28.

Today’s investigation revealed that Rosie’s body was discovered by 2 colleagues and a group of 14 children among trees near Public Bridleway N17 near Havenstreet. Authorities were alerted and went to the scene to discover Rosie hanging from a tree. She was surrounded by her belongings, including a mobile phone, a purse, and a backpack containing a piece of rope and a bottle of spiced rum. The discovery was made when a child saw some clothing while PGL leaders were taking a group for a walk through the local area.

An autopsy showed no signs of third-party involvement but revealed a tight ligature mark around Rosie’s head. No drugs or alcohol were found in her system, although her presence could not be completely ruled out. Rosie was formally identified from her dental records.

Born on August 6, 1996, Rosie is said to have had a normal childhood growing up surrounded by her siblings. She loved baking cakes, listening to Harry Potter and she was a great horseman. She began her career as a catering assistant before earning a bachelor’s degree in zoology as her interest in conservation grew. She spent some time in South Africa and participated in the National Trust Ranger Program.

Her medical records showed no prior mental health problems or relevant health problems, or a history of alcohol or drug abuse. Absolutely no concern was expressed for Rosie’s well-being with nothing suggesting that she intended to harm herself.

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One night in Ryde

Ariane Massey, 27, a colleague and friend of Rosie Johnson, presented live evidence in court today and described how Rosie had moved in with her after a fight with another colleague shortly after arriving in Little Canada in February 2019. Ariane shared details about Rosie and her character, as well as her relationship with her boyfriend Brendan Storer, whom she met while working at the activity center. The relationship was described as casual, which later became more serious, but Rosie had become “paranoid” about her relationship. This was compounded after a night at Ryde during which a random man commented while in a pub that Rosie was “hitting her weight”, something that is said to have been taken very seriously. This was something others in the camp mentioned as well, with apparent zeal on the part of other colleagues.

It was during this night in Ryde that Rosie’s drink was believed to be fortified. Although she reported her missing to the police after failing to return to PGL, she was later found at 07:00 the next morning in a hedge near Ryde St John train station. Rosie told police that she had not suffered any harm that night, but her friends said in the investigation that they strongly suspected that she had been attacked because she was foolish and she was out of line. It was unusual for Rosie to drink so much that she lost control and it was unusual for her to be away all night.

It is now known that Brendan Storer was interviewed by the police for more than 5 hours while detectives investigated Rosie’s disappearance, but the evidence provided in today’s investigation painted the picture of a doting boyfriend who went out of his way to find Rosie. . once he realized that she was lost. He was not involved in Rosie’s death.

Mediation Meeting

Rosie Johnson As the night progressed, Rosie became upset and began to cry with Ariane offering her a hug, which made the situation better. Rosie had texted her boyfriend to say “I’m done, I’m done”, but she didn’t specify what she was referring to.
Rosie was happy living and working on the island. She was a loving and caring friend who was fun, happy, and the life and life of the party. It was fun to be around, but she never did drugs and was always professional.

Caroline Rose, PGL’s human resources manager at the time of the incident, described Rosie as trustworthy, well-presented, and noted that her staff had only good things to say about her. There was no evidence to support the allegations of bullying from another staff member, which featured heavily in today’s investigation.

It was Sunday the 23rd when Rosie sent her mother a photo saying that her day at Cibo and then by the creek at Wootton had been “very good.” Her mother did not express any cause for concern in the run-up to her daughter’s death and Google search history has since shown that Rosie had initiated an application to join the University of Edinburgh to complete a master’s degree. , showing a vision. From the future.

Julie Johnson, Rosie’s mother, told the court that Rosie’s actions “baffled” her and that she misses her very much. She also expressed her sincere thanks to the Police, search and rescue teams, and the public for the time and dedication they have given in the search for Rosie.

At 10 p.m., the Aberdeenshire-born graduate decided that she was going for a walk, alone and in the dark. Ariane was worried and offered to go with Rosie, but the offer was declined because she needs to clear her mind. By then, Rosie had gotten sober, but she was “mad.”

The last confirmed sighting of Rosie was near a side entrance to PGL on New Road. The witness, Ms. Ann Hopkins, described Rosie as “traumatized” and walked past her.

It is known that the last communication with Rosie was at 23:56 when she responded to a Facebook message from Araine saying that she would be back “in a moment”, accompanied by a smiley face. She later opened it and read another message from Ariane at 1:01 on Sunday morning, but she did not respond. Rosie is believed to have taken her own life shortly after.
On the day of her disappearance, Sunday, June 23, Rosie was said to be happy and normal. She had enjoyed a meal and drinks at Cibo in Wootton and it turned out that she bought more Prosecco from Tesco Express. Later that day, Rosie is said to be “quite drunk” and by 9:00 pm she had fallen asleep fully clothed in her bed.

Araine described having a conversation with Rosie about another colleague with whom Rosie should have a mediation meeting the next day, Monday. It is said that Rosie was worried about the meeting and she did not want to go, nor that it would affect her work or make her look bad. This was something that was also mentioned to her colleague Naomi Jackson during her lunch at Cibo earlier that day.

The meeting had been called to resolve the differences between Rosie and her colleague, Sinead Jackson. It was something Rosie had talked about with various people, including her friends, her boyfriend, and her mother. The rationale for the meeting is in conflict with the parties involved and led to a postponement of the process during the investigation.



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