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Roy Jaggers
Roy Jaggers

Roy Jaggers Wiki – Roy Jaggers Biography

Roy Jaggers, Nevada prosecutors are considering seeking the death penalty for at least one of three people accused of torturing a neighbor for hours before forcing him to walk off a cliff and then shooting him with a shotgun.

Roy Jaggers, 27, was found dead Aug. 1 at the bottom of a cliff in Cathedral Canyon, an abandoned roadside attraction from the 1970s and 1980s in Nye County, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported.

Roy Jaggers Age

Roy Jaggers was 27 years old.

3 People accused of torturing and killing

Within 36 hours, investigators had arrested 27-year-old Heather Pate, her 36-year-old boyfriend Kevin Dent, and her 37-year-old ex-boyfriend Brad Mehn. Mehn has been accused of shooting Jaggers multiple times after he fell off the cliff, police said; An autopsy found that the cause of Jaggers’ death was multiple gunshot wounds. Mehn’s attorney told the newspaper that prosecutors were considering capital punishment for his client.

Pate and Dent are accused of luring Jaggers into her home, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office said, because they believed Jaggers had hurt one of Pate’s children.

Before his death, the trio tortured Jaggers with a blowtorch, knives, a cane, and an ax. Also, they stripped him naked before sending him off the cliff.

Jaggers’ parents, Kassy Robinson and Jerry Jaggers, told the Review Journal that the last time they spoke to his son was on July 31, when he called his father to chat. Two hours later, police said, he was lured to Pate’s home.

“How can you do that to another human being?” Jerry Jaggers said.

Robinson declined to discuss the details of the case, particularly what might have allowed the trio to murder her son, but she and Roy’s father said he was kind and caring and that he wouldn’t hurt anyone. .

“I know exactly what he was like, what he’s capable of, what he’s not capable of,” Robinson said.

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Court records reveal that Pate has been in heated custody with the father of her children, who are 3 and 4 years old. The father filed for primary custody after Pate’s arrest, saying in court documents that the children witnessed at least some of the torture inflicted on Jaggers, who had at times been her babysitter.

“There are video recordings of the crimes that are being committed, and as disturbing as it is, it is much more disturbing than in a video recording, you see the children entering the room while the accused / mother and her co-defendants criminals were committing various physical, criminal acts against the deceased of the criminal action, ”according to the court file.

From Pate’s home, court documents say, she and Dent handcuffed Jaggers and forced him into his car, then drove to a shooting range in Pahrump, where they met Mehn. The three took the victim to Cathedral Canyon, about 25 miles away, and tormented him at various locations on the site.

Jaggers’ body was found just before 6:30 a.m. the next day.

Pate, Dent and Mehn are being held at the Nye County Detention Center without bail.


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