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Samuel Cassidy
Samuel Cassidy

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Samuel Cassidy was named a mass murder suspect, killing eight people at a union meeting in a light rail yard in San Jose, California.

A police spokesman said police and fire departments had been fired for assisting in the incident. “There were eight victims who died at this time, and there was a dying suspect,” he said. He said the numbers could change. The conflict occurred at the San José VTA light rail shipyard on May 26, 2021.

Samuel Cassidy Age

Samuel Cassidy’s age is unclear.

Mass Shooting Suspect

The gunman, identified as Samuel Cassidy, opened fire in the courtyard shortly before 7 am local time.
Among the victims are employees of the Valley Transportation Authority; Cassidy also died during the incident.
Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith said it is not known how the hitman died.
The mother of an employee said that the armed attack on KTVU occurred at the union meeting.
A police spokesman said several police and fire departments had been fired for assisting in the incident. “There were eight victims who died at this time, and there was a dying suspect,” he said. She said the numbers could change. “We got the information that there are explosive devices inside the building,” she said. “We are trying to clean every room and every crack in that building.”

Authorities declined to release the suspect’s name, but NBC News published it, citing sources.

“Police say the identity of the San José hitman is Samuel Cassidy. The bomb squad is investigating whether the devices were at the scene and in a nearby residence. The authorities killed 8 victims and a hitman committed suicide, ”wrote NBC News reporter Jonathan Dienst on Twitter. Authorities did not officially confirm the name, but people on Twitter gave it as Samuel Cassidy or Sam Cassidy. Mayor Sam Liccardo described it as “a terrible day for our city and a tragic day for the VTA family.” We know that many loved ones and friends are deeply sorry for this loss. Now is the time to understand what is happening, to come together to mourn and help heal those who suffer. ”
San Francisco Chronicle reporter Demian Bulya wrote on Twitter: “At the same time, a man got into a confrontation at a VTA site in San Jose early Wednesday, firefighters intervened in two nearby fires, in a house owned by one, according to the records. a person who has worked for the agency. ”

Authorities confirmed that more than one person was injured and KTVU-TV reported on the union meeting point. The Sheriff’s Department wrote on Twitter: “Gunner was shot.”

VTA spokeswoman Brandi Childress reported to ABC 7 that “multiple people” were injured, and the San Jose Mercury News, through sources, reported multiple deaths. The television station reported that the building houses light rail vehicles and is not open to the public.

The fire opened in the early morning of May 26, 2021. The mayor confirmed the shooting and the fires were connected. It is not clear where the second fire is.


The Sheriff’s Department wrote to authorities in response to the “effective investigation of the shooter” and confirmed that Samuel Cassidy was employed.

“Parliamentarians currently on the scene for an active investigation of hitmen in 100 W. Younger Ave. SJ. Stay out of the area. More information below “.

A Sheriff’s Department spokesman said at the first press conference that he will have more details soon. He called it an “ongoing investigation” and revealed that “VTA employees were the victims.” It is not yet clear whether the attacker was an employee or not, he said.

There was not yet a total number of victims and it could not be confirmed if the massive armed conflict was in a meeting or inside or outside. KTVU based it on a union meeting report based on the account of a woman who told her that her son was a VTA employee and told her that “the fire occurred during a union meeting.”

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San José Mayor Sam Liccardo tweeted: “A fire at the VTA facility on Younger St caused several people to receive treatment, but the situation is still under consideration. The shooter is no longer a threat and the facility has been evacuated. I will update it as more information becomes available. ”
Online records say the hitman is 57 years old and has long-standing ties to California. Apparently, he was born there and lived there his entire life.

The names and circumstances of the victims were unclear. There was no obvious social media account.


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