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Scott Eby
Scott Eby

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Scott Eby pleaded guilty to five counts of first-degree murder in the death of Riley Fox and one count of predatory criminal se**xual assault of a child and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, according to a press release from Will. County state attorney. The State’s Attorney said they examined the possibility of the death penalty, but after consulting with Fox’s parents, they decided not to:

Kevin and Melissa Fox strongly expressed the wish that the brutal and callous killer of her daughter would endure the torture of breathing every last breath of her miserable existence within the cold, damp walls of an Illinois prison cell.

More than six years after Riley’s death, these parents seek the same certainty and closure in their personal lives that the citizens of Will County demand of their justice system. Today’s guilty plea eliminates all avenues of appeal and guarantees that Scott Wayne Eby will never go free to attack another innocent child.

Eby is currently serving his life sentence at the Pontiac Correctional Center, where he was admitted in 2006, public records show. The Pontiac Correctional Center is a maximum-security prison for men in Pontiac, Illinois, established in 1871, which currently has an inmate population of 1,065. Due to Eby’s conviction in the murder case, he is unable to appeal and will live the rest of his life in prison.

Scott Eby Age

Scott Eby is 49 years old.

Eby Was Already In Prison When DNA Matched

Eby was already in prison with a 14-year sentence for raping his sister in 2005 when the FBI investigated his role in the Riley Fox murder, the Chicago Tribune reported. After receiving a tip, FBI agents investigating Riley Fox’s murder decided to interview Eby in May 2010 and asked for a DNA sample from her.

Several days after the request, Eby wrote a 10-page confession and wrote that she wanted to take the “cowardly way out,” the Chicago Tribune reported. She said that he deserved to be tortured and killed and that she did not understand “how my wires got crossed.” He blamed drug and alcohol abuse and insecurities for his actions and wrote: “I know that I am the lowest type of lowest mud on earth.”

Eby tied a sheet around her neck and tried to hang herself. He wrote in his letter that he had a “reasonably normal childhood” and that his parents were very good to him. “My parents did not raise a monster, I became one over the years and it is no one’s fault but mine,” he wrote, according to the Tribune. He added, “Keeping a secret like that within yourself is the very essence of your being day after day.”

Riley Fox Cause of Death

On June 6, 2004, the life of the Fox family changed forever. That weekend, Melissa, then 25, and a group of friends participated in the AVON Walk for Breast Cancer in Chicago, where she stayed for two nights, the longest time she had been away from her children. Kevin stayed home with the kids.

Melissa adored Riley and appreciated the time she spent with her little girl. “She had this perfect black hair and a perfectly round little face and blue eyes,” said Melissa. “She was fun. She was stupid. She was just very talkative, and she was friendly to everyone she knew. She was just a sweetheart. Riley looked a lot like Melissa, ”said Jillian Garrelts, Melissa’s friend. “She was a brave and daring girl. She … could be a little princess … But she … she was a daddy’s girl, kind of a tomboy [who she] loved to fish … and she wasn’t afraid of getting dirty. ”

While his wife was in Chicago, Kevin, then 27, and the children spent Saturday afternoon making posters in anticipation of celebrating Melissa’s walk to the finish line, where they planned to meet her in the morning. following. But early Sunday morning, Tyler woke Kevin up to tell him that Riley was missing.

Not thinking that it was a true emergency, Kevin looked across the house and into the backyard. Then after about 30 to 40 minutes, Kevin called the police non-emergency number. He reported that he found the front door open and Riley’s yellow blanket still on the couch, where she had been sleeping.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Melissa and her friends were nearing the end of their walk when she called her husband to check-in. He sounded so surprised. I knew right away that something was wrong, ”said Melissa. “He just said, ‘Riley is gone,’ and I immediately fell to the ground and the phone fell from my hand.”

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The women rushed back to Wilmington, where word of Riley’s disappearance had quickly spread throughout the small town of 5,000. They came to see the community mobilized, with dozens of volunteers searching for Riley in the city’s ditches, woods and forest reserves.

“It was something out of a movie … [I feel] like the whole town was looking for it,” said Colleen Hansen, Melissa’s friend. “Every area of ​​the city was being investigated in some way. For hours after Melissa’s arrival, the city continued to search everywhere for Riley. Then, at one point, Melissa said that a police officer placed her and Kevin in separate police cars.

“I did not understand what was happening. When we got to the police station, they started asking questions and I said, “Is someone going to tell me what’s going on?” She said. The couple did not know that two volunteers had found Riley face down, wearing only a shirt, in a stream. She had duct tape over her mouth and what investigators believed to be tape residue on her wrists. Autopsy reports later determined that she had been sexually assaulted and drowned.

“It was just crushing,” Melissa said. “She couldn’t even stand. She couldn’t even think. I couldn’t even imagine what life would be like without her. From that moment on, Melissa said she never set foot in the house that Riley disappeared from again.

Investigation Report

3-year-old Riley Fox was sleeping on the living room couch alongside her six-year-old brother with their father asleep in their bedroom when she was abducted from the home. The case made headlines in Wilmington, Illinois, and the community was saddened when the girl’s body was found later that day, on June 6, 2004, drowned in a nearby stream. They tied her with duct tape and sexually assaulted her.

Investigators initially focused on his father, Kevin Fox, accusing him of first-degree murder, but after he was in jail for several months, DNA tests excluded him from the crime scene and the charges were dropped. . For years, the case remained unsolved with no arrests.

When the FBI took over the case in 2009, investigators learned of Scott Eby, who lived a mile from Fox’s home and was on probation at the time of Riley Fox’s murder. He had been burglarizing homes in the area. When he broke into Fox’s home, he found three-year-old Riley sleeping on the couch and decided to abuse her and kidnap her, the Chicago Tribune reported.

After FBI agents questioned Eby and asked for a DNA sample, he confessed to the crime in a long letter. Where is Scott Eby today?


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