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Sierra Samuels
Sierra Samuels

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Sierra Samuels was placed on administrative leave last month after the photos came to light. “Employees who violate these privacy rules, despite being polite, are subject to disciplinary action including suspension or termination,” said a statement from hospital officials.

Samuels had worked for Miami-based Jackson Health System since 2016. Miami attorney David Weinstein noted last month that Samuels not only violated the newborn’s privacy but also violated the Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Health.

“In addition to the general violation of HIPPA that we would be seeing here, there is a sense of decency about the rights and expectations that we all have in our likenesses and images. With images, you have a certain expectation of privacy that if you are in an area that you believe is private and in this case a hospital, even more so. ”The child’s mother was notified of the violation of privacy.

Fired for posting pictures on social media

A Florida nurse, Sierra Samuels, was fired for posting images on social media that mocked a baby with a birth defect, authorities said. Sierra, a neonatal intensive care nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, was fired on Thursday, September 30.

Her firing follows an investigation that began early last month after two photos of the newborn with a congenital abdominal wall defect were posted on her Instagram. she tells and came to the attention of the authorities.

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“My night was great, boom!” read one of Samuels’s posts. It showed a photo of the newborn taken inside the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

A second photo on Samuels’ Instagram showed the newborn again and had a hashtag citing the child’s congenital defect, ‘Gastroschisis’, in which a baby’s intestines meet outside the body, exiting through a hole next to the belly button. “Your intestines pose to be in, not out, baby!” she wrote next to the picture.

Samuels’s Instagram profile, which has more than 600 followers, is marked private and identifies her as “mom,” “dry cereal consumer,” “professional book reader,” and “bipolar lover.”


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