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Siskaeee E Nya Tiga, popularly known by her nickname FCN or simply Siskaeee, makes a living performing s**ex acts for strangers online. The Indonesian performer has reportedly gotten away with filming in public in the past. According to the authorities, the artist confessed to having orchestrated similar acts in several other places in Yogyakarta, which they are now investigating. Police said Siskaeee will undergo a psychological test to determine if she has conduct disorder.

The OnlyFans star has previously touted being recognized wherever she went for her ad**ult content on the subscription service. “I have a lot of fans,” she said in a radio interview earlier this year. “They are mostly men. They recognize me when I’m outside. My life is quite nomadic and I travel a lot to different places. There was even a guy who taught me to wear a mask. “The influencer now faces a maximum sentence of 12 years behind bars and a fine of IDR 6 billion if proven guilty and convicted under the Por**nography Act from Indonesia She faces another six years under the Electronic Information and Transactions Act, the Daily Star reported.

Siskaeee Arrested

An OnlyFans model was arrested after she allegedly filmed a s**ex tape at an airport in public view. Indonesian ad**ult actress Siskaeee E Nya Tiga is known simply as “Siskaeee” on various social platforms. But her best-known social account is on the OnlyFans ad**ult site. The por**nstar got into trouble with the authorities with her latest exhibitionism at the departure terminal of the Yogyakarta International Airport in Java, Indonesia.

Siskaeee posted a video of herself stroking her breasts and mas**turbating on the second floor of the airport. Her breasts and other private parts of her were on display as the artist occasionally looked out of the balcony to see if anyone had noticed her actions. The explicit stills also showed Siskaeee lifting her skirt and indulging her fans. Meanwhile, passengers with her luggage could be seen walking behind her in the terminal.

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After the images circulated on social media, angry locals reported them to authorities. An investigation was launched in November before the model was detained at a train station in the city of Bandung, West Java, on Saturday, December 4. She has since been in custody.

Airport staff told police they believed the video was taken in October after they noticed a newly installed road sign. The local police chief, Muharomah Fajarini, pointed out that the suspect was not wearing underwear, which meant that she “had planned the se**xual act in advance”. Muharomah continued: “The video was taken in the YIA airport parking area. It was on the second floor of the parking lot, on the west side. He added:” It is inappropriate as it shows the woman’s breasts and genitalia in a public area. . Airports have to maintain high security and this kind of vulgar behavior is not allowed. ”

The Yogyakarta Regional Police confirmed on Monday, December 6, that they had arrested a woman suspected of being the actress “in the obscene video.” Spokesperson Yuliyanto explained: “The suspect was arrested at a train station and was detained. She was immediately taken to Yogyakarta to be prosecuted for her actions which were found to have violated the Por**nography Law and the ITE Law. ”


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