Who is Sissi Tuchel? Wiki, Biography, Age, Thomas Tuchel’s Wife, Children, Instagram

Sissi Tuchel
Sissi Tuchel

Sissi Tuchel Wiki – Sissi Tuchel Biography

Sissi Tuchel is the wife of Thomas Tuchel. Tuchel is set to replace Frank Lampard as Chelsea manager after Roman Abramovich made the “difficult decision” to fire the Blues legend after a disappointing streak of form.

The German head coach will be the thirteenth different boss at Stamford Bridge since the Russian billionaire took over the Premier League club in 2003 and only time will tell if he is a lucky number or an unlucky one.

He will join Chelsea after a brief period of unemployment, having been relieved of his duties at Paris Saint-Germain just before the new year.

Forced to retire at age 25 due to chronic knee problems, the former defender quickly became a coach and worked with Stuttgart’s youth teams before taking over as coach of Augsburg’s second team.

His first big opportunity as a coach came in 2009 when he replaced Jurgen Klopp as Mainz coach in the Bundesliga and, six years later, he replaced Klopp again when he was appointed Dortmund coach in 2015.

Tuchel’s work with Dortmund earned him great recognition across Europe as one of the brightest minds in training and he was hired as PSG’s head coach in 2018, where he spent two and a half years at the helm.

Sissi Tuchel Age

Sissi Tuchel’s age is unclear.

Sissi Tuchel & Thomas Tuchel

Although she does not participate in football decisions, Sissi Tuchel is said to be a great support to her husband of 11 years. It is believed that she has a lot to say about her career choices, where he chooses to manage and acts as a sounding board for him when things are low.

In regards to her dismissal in Dortmund in 2017, Sissi visited Paris the previous summer to look for a home to live in with her two daughters prior to her appointment to PSG. Tuchel and Sissi are rarely seen together in public, preferring to avoid the spotlight.

No doubt she has already thought of a life in London for the family.


Since his days in Mainz, Tuchel has worked exclusively with Michels as his deputy director.

“He is a diligent, hard-working and loyal coach whose character traits suit me perfectly,” said the coach of the trusted coach of him.

They met when they were learning their coach badges and Tuchel insisted that Michels would be his assistant, wherever he went, including at Borussia Dortmund and PSG. Tuchel and Michels share the same football philosophy (fast and incisive attack game) and implement their style in their players.

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There’s nothing like showbiz for Meinking, Tuchel’s agent. Meinking’s talents serve more to represent a group of German actors and singers. His client list isn’t full of names from the soccer world.

And that’s because Tuchel prefers it that way. Soccer agents always have other interests. He wanted to avoid it from the beginning, ”he once said.


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