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Sofia Cheung
Sofia Cheung

Sofia Cheung Wiki – Sofia Cheung Biography

Sophia Cheung an Instagram influencer who used to share photos from her hiking trip. In fact, Sophia’s love of hiking is what prompted her to have her username as “hike. Sophia”.

According to her Instagram, Sophia loved being active. Some of her interests included kayaking, exploring, and doing any type of outdoor activity. At the same time, Sophia had a great interest in photography.

The motto she used to live by was: “Life should be fun, not silly.” Sophia had more than 7k followers on her Instagram. Her Instagram page was relatively new as the first image Sophia uploaded was in February.

Throughout the year, Sophia made several trips and had documented the same. Her followers were quick to flood her comment section with messages of tribute after news of her death was confirmed.

Sophia Cheung Age

Sophia Cheung was a 32-year-old.

Cause of Death

32-year-old Sofia Cheung plummeted 16 feet in front of Tsing Dai Stream near Yuen Long, Hong Kong on Saturday.

The Instagram star set out with three friends for a relaxing day at Ha Pak Lai, a picturesque nature park, around 11 a.m.

Later that day, Sofia was taking photos on the edge of the waterfall when she lost her balance and fell into the 16-foot-deep pool below.

Her friends called emergency services and rescuers quickly arrived at the scene.

The young woman was rushed to a Hong Kong hospital where she was pronounced dead upon her arrival.

The Ha Pak Lai area, located near Pineapple Mountain, is a popular spot for hikers, especially at sunset.

Sofia had a reputation for being reckless and she shared photos of her risky adventures climbing cliffs and mountain tops on Instagram, where she had 6,000 followers.

Her Instagram page lists hiking, kayaking, exploring, the outdoors, and photography as her top passions.

Her account is peppered with images of her standing on dangerous drops and her biography says that “life should be fun, not silly.”

The last photo of her, posted on July 9, was full of RIP messages.

She accompanied a photo of her kneeling on the shore with a yellow surfboard with the message: “Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday! ”

Instagram user ‘Ellah_d_explorer’ commented: “I thought better days would come with Saturday and Sunday. I will miss your talk every day. I love you forever. Rest in peace my pretty Sofia ”.

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Sofia had over six thousand followers at the time of her passing. She previously mentioned hiking, kayaking, exploring, outdoor activities, and photography as her main passions. At the time of her passing, She had 97 posts on her Instagram page, many of them tagged in Hong Kong.


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