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Stacy Dolan
Stacy Dolan

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Glamor model Stacy Dolan has been scarred for life after another woman stabbed her in the face in a revenge attack at 3 am.

Stacy Dolan was stabbed three times with a screwdriver after Sharon Mather, 49, confronted her inside her own home and accused her of ‘taking advantage of a friend who gave the victim money.

Miss Dolan, from Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, suffered a puncture wound to the left side of her face below the eye, a 1cm laceration to her left knee, and bruising and swelling on her upper right arm.

The mother-of-two, who has modeled for a number of publications, including Front magazine and Daily Sport, said she was disfigured after the attack and can no longer pose for close-up facial photos due to a scar on her lip.

Stacy Dolan Age

Stacy Dolan is 38 years old.

Incident Detail

Her two sons, aged 16, are believed to have been at the home at the time of the incident.

In a statement to the police, Ms. Dolan said: ‘Since the incident, it has affected my confidence and the way I am.

‘It has made me more aware of being alone. Now I no longer use the door of my house to enter or leave my house.

“ My injuries have healed, but the injury to my face has left me feeling like I have nerve damage in my upper lip, it feels like I always have a fat lip.

‘There is still a small scar that can be seen up close but can be covered with makeup.

However, I am aware of the fact that I have this scar and now I am really aware of it.

“ I am also aware of how this has affected my modeling career and now I know that I can no longer accept jobs that require me to do close-up face shots. ”

At Bolton Crown Court, former caregiver Mather, also from Tyldesley, who was once friends with Miss Dolan, was imprisoned for five and a half years after being found guilty of intentionally causing serious bodily harm.

The incident occurred on July 13, 2019, after the couple got into a fight when Mather believed that Miss Dolan had taken money from a mutual friend.

In the early hours, she went to Miss Dolan’s house while she was drunk and angry and once inside the property she began to protest with Miss Dolan, claiming that the victim had ‘taken advantage’ and accused her of taking money from the property. anonymous friend.

Miss Dolan said that she did not know what Mather was talking about and asked him to leave her, but the attacker then grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed her repeatedly.

When the victim ran to a neighbor’s home for help, Mather fled the scene and went to the home of an elderly man she previously cared for and she confessed that she had stabbed the victim.

He advised her to go to the police, but she Mather hid at another friend’s house before turning herself into the police a few days later.

Prosecutor Katie Jones said at the hearing: ‘This was a sustained assault on a victim who suffered three injuries.

‘There were children present, but they were sleeping upstairs. The crime was committed while the defendant was drunk or possibly drugged. By this time, Miss Dolan had started her modeling career. ‘

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Mather denied GBH but was found guilty after a trial. She was acquitted of aggravated robbery.

In mitigation, defense attorney Paul Treble: “This is an unpleasant and unpleasant incident, but it was relatively short-lived.

She started at the foot of the stairs and the blows were inflicted relatively quickly. As soon as the defendant realized that there was a serious wound on her face, she stopped.

In sentencing, the judge, Miss Registrar Alexandra Simmonds told Mather: “ It is clear that you regret your decision to go to Miss Dolan’s that night and I am willing to accept that your behavior that night was totally out of place. The alcohol you drank that night was almost certainly affected.

“It will be very difficult for you to deal with the prison environment given the difficulties of your mental health.”


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