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Stephen Alford
Stephen Alford

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Stephen Alford, a Florida man allegedly tried to shake up Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Gaetz’s father, promising a presidential pardon in exchange for $ 25 million, according to a federal indictment revealed Tuesday.

Stephen Alford, a 62-year-old Walton Beach resident, is charged with wire fraud and attempted to prevent the seizure of an electronic device. Alford allegedly told Don Gaetz, a wealthy Florida businessman and father of the Republican congressman, that he could dismiss an investigation into his son and ensure that Matt Gaetz would not serve time in jail. Gaetz is under federal investigation for sex trafficking in connection with an alleged relationship with a 17-year-old girl. He has denied wrongdoing.

Stephen Alford Age

Stephen Alford is 62 years old.

Stephen Alford Charged

According to the indictment, Alford gave Don Gaetz’s cell phone number to an associate, who then relayed the message about the presidential pardon to Don Gaetz, and the two met several times. Alford told Don Gaetz in a letter that his team had been “assured” that then-President Donald Trump would “instruct the Justice Department to end any and all investigations” into Matt Gaetz if Alford and his associates received the $ 25 million. alleges the Department of Justice. Don Gaetz said he used a wire in at least one meeting with Alford.

Later, Alford reduced the amount he was demanding from Don Gaetz to $ 15.5 million, dividing it into $ 1 million in cash and $ 4.5 million to transfer to his attorney’s account, prosecutors say. He also allegedly attempted to destroy his iPhone 12 Pro Max while Department of Justice agents attempted to search and seize it.

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Alford was previously convicted of defrauding the U.S. Air Force in a land exchange plot, for fraud and grand theft of more than $ 100,000, and was arrested in 2015 in connection with a fraud and extortion scheme of $ 6 million. He was released with 10 years of probation in 2019.

Matt Gaetz has accused another man, Bob Kent, of attempting to extort money from his father as well, although Kent was not named in the Justice Department indictment. Kent confirmed and later denied the $ 25 million crackdown attempt in an interview in April. Alford and Kent planned to use the funds to rescue and repatriate Robert Levinson, according to a document detailing their plan, dubbed the “Homecoming Project.” Levinson is a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who disappeared in Iran more than 10 years ago and whom experts believe is now deceased.

The extortion allegations came to light in the wake of the revelation that Gaetz was under federal investigation. The Florida Republican has denied wrongdoing, claiming the two were related.


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