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Subhakar Khadka
Subhakar Khadka

Subhakar Khadka Wiki – Subhakar Khadka Biography

Subhakar Khadka, an Uber driver in San Francisco, California, was attacked and coughed up by a group of three female passengers after he refused to drive them if they weren’t wearing masks. One of the women also pepper-sprayed him when she got out of the car, authorities said.

Subhakar Khadka Age

Subhakar Khadka is 32 years old.

Attack Incident

Khadka told KPIX5 that he believes his skin color made him a target: “If I had a different complexion, I would not have received that treatment from them. The moment I opened my mouth to speak, they realized that I was among one of them, making it easy for them to intimidate me. “He continued:” Since you were born and raised here in the United States, don’t think anyone else is less human. ”


Khadka took the video and spoke to KPIX5 about the altercation. She said it started after she stopped to request that women wear masks. She told the medium: “You are animals to treat other human beings like that.”

The video begins with one of the women telling Khadka “Fuck the masks!” and she repeatedly coughs in her direction. She told the outlet, “I never said anything bad to them, I never cursed, they didn’t raise me that way. I don’t beat people up, they didn’t raise me that way, so they wouldn’t get out of my car.”

He said he also took them to a gas station so the woman without a mask could buy one, but the women kept taunting and insulting him. Khadka revealed to KPIX5 that when they got out of his car, the red-clad woman in the video sprayed him with pepper spray and he had to get out because she couldn’t breathe.

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One of the women in the video posted her own clips of the altercation, on her Instagram page, where she wrote: “This is not about leaving us in the middle of the hood and the road and I’m not just going to leave us. in the middle of the hood and the road. getting into shit for no reason, she fucked us up and cropped the video. She wrote that the Uber driver was “chasing influence” and wanted to go viral, but she didn’t let them wait for their next Uber in his vehicle and also wrote, “kidnapped.”

Uber in a statement said they saw a video of the incident and said it was “gruesome” and that the passenger was removed from the platform.

Khadka said the company gave him $ 120 to clean the vehicle, but it is not enough. San Francisco police have asked anyone with information about the incident to call the information line at 1-415-575-4444 or text a suggestion to TIP411 and start the text message with SFPD.


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