Who is Tareq Alkayyali? Wiki, Bio, Age, Killed His Wife, Charged, Found guilty

Tareq Alkayyali
Tareq Alkayyali

Tareq Alkayyali Wiki – Tareq Alkayyali Biography

Tareq Alkayyali of Arlington was found guilty of strangling his 23-year-old wife, Wasam Moussa, to death in May 2019, just days after she arrived in Texas to visit her husband from her home country. Origin, Jordan, the Tarrant County criminal. He said the District Attorney’s Office in a statement.

A Texas man found was found guilty Friday of murdering his wife, who had filed for divorce the day after her marriage, authorities said.

Hours after the verdict, a jury sentenced Alkayyali to 23 years in prison.

Tareq Alkayyali Age

Tareq Alkayyali is 39 years old.

Killed His Wife

Tarrant County Criminal District Deputy Prosecutors Allenna Bangs and Madeline Jones told the jury that Moussa was hesitant to marry Alkayyali in Jordan in 2018, and had told her husband that she wanted a divorce the next day.

Prosecutors said the two never went on their honeymoon and Wasam returned to her family’s home with her belongings the day after the wedding. Alkayyali returned to her home and worked in Arlington. During the months they were apart, she had an affair with one of her co-workers, authorities said.

Wasam traveled to Texas to visit her husband on May 25, 2019, for a brief visit during which the two argued and talked about the divorce. After one of her fights, Wasam told her brother that Alkayyali covered her mouth with his hand.

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“She went to the United States to try to give her husband the opportunity to make a life for her family,” Moussa’s brother Ahmad Ali said in a 2019 email to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“She went there knowing that she had a lot of problems with him,” Ali wrote, adding that she was afraid of him.

Alkayyali killed her wife on May 28, 2019, strangling her during another argument, prosecutors said. The night before her death, Alkayyali had Googled how to deport his wife, prosecutors said.

After her, he allegedly left her on the bed and said that she had passed out. An autopsy determined that she died of suffocation.

“She put her hand on the face of her, a person that she loved, and she saw the light go out of her eyes,” Allenna Bangs told the jury. “What is a life worth?”


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