Who is Tariq Quadir Loat? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Killed, Death, Investigation

Tariq Quadir Loat
Tariq Quadir Loat

Tariq Quadir Loat Wiki – Tariq Quadir Loat Biography

Tariq Quadir Loat is a tourist from Delaware who was killed in Puerto Rico over the weekend after allegedly buying drugs in a coastal shantytown, authorities said.


Tariq Quadir Loat Age

Tariq Quadir Loat was 24 years old.


No arrests have been made and police have not identified the suspects.

The last tourist death in Puerto Rico occurred in February 2020 when a 39-year-old Denver man was thrown from a pickup truck and run over in San Juan, police said.

Cause of Death

The burned body found in Puerto Rico on Sunday has been identified as Tariq, a 24-year-old Wilmington resident, police said.

The Institute of Forensic Sciences identified the body Tuesday afternoon and determined that Loat died of a gunshot wound before being burned, according to Dr. Maria Conte Miller, the agency’s director.

“It was possible to establish through the analysis and comparison of fingerprints that the body found in the municipality of Vega Baja corresponds to Tariq Quadir Loat,” said Conte Miller. “In this way, the Institute of Forensic Sciences was able to carry out a legal and scientific identification in this case.”

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The body also had tattoos and height similar to Loat’s, police said.

Loat was first reported missing by his pregnant girlfriend Saturday night after a violent confrontation in the La Perla neighborhood in Old San Juan, according to police.

Loat and a friend, James Jackson, were riding a bus when they decided to get out and take pictures. They were confronted by a crowd of people who told them not to take photos because it could attract police, according to reports from Primera Hora, a newspaper.

After a heated exchange, Loat and Jackson were beaten up. Jackson escaped and fled to a local business, La Vergüenza, where he asked for help, according to the article. Jackson lost sight of Loat when he got into business.

Loat’s relatives were in Puerto Rico Monday to see if the body found that day was that of his loved one, police said.



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