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Thomas Apollo

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Thomas Apollo, a Southern California man, was arrested after he recently attacked workers at a coronavirus vaccination clinic, allegedly calling them “killers” and falsely accusing staff of causing the covid pandemic, according to police officials and the clinic.

Thomas Apollo, 43, entered the clinic without a mask last week and accused the workers of being “killers” who are “making people sick” before starting to punch employees, said Parsia Jahanbani, manager of Families Together mobile operations, to the Orange County Registrar. Jahanbani told the Los Angeles Times that it took several people at the clinic to separate Apollo from a medical assistant she was beating and that it took seven police officers to immobilize the man for about 15 minutes.

Thomas Apollo Age

Thomas Apollo is 43 years old.

Attacking Vaccination Clinic – Arrested

Two Families Together of Orange County staff were injured in a Dec. 30 attack on the group’s mobile clinic in Tustin, California, the organization said in a press release Wednesday. Families Together said one member “was seriously injured and sent to the hospital in an ambulance,” but both workers are expected to “make a full recovery in a few days.”

“We are grateful for the courage, strength, and endurance of our team,” the group wrote. “Despite the violent nature of the assault, Families Together continued to provide vaccinations and boosters to patients that day and the team returned to work the following week.”

Apollo, of Poway, California, was arrested and booked into the Orange County jail Thursday on suspicion of battery and resisting arrest, according to police. He was released on bail on Friday, records show.

His case has been referred for review to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, which will decide whether to bring criminal charges against him, Tustin Police Lt. Matt Nunley told The Washington Post.

Families Together of Orange County Executive Director Alexander Rossel said in a statement to local media that the organization “will not tolerate any violence or threats against our staff, patients or volunteers.” He told The Post that Families Together was “shocked by the attack on our covid vaccination team.”

“We know that the case is now in the hands of the district attorney’s office and we hope it will proceed to enforce the law to its fullest extent,” Rossel said in a statement.

Apollo did not respond to a request for comment. It is not clear if he has a lawyer.

The United States continues to grapple with a persistent partisan divide over-vaccination against coronavirus, even as the highly communicable omicron variant causes the number of cases to rise across the country. The division has led to the spread of misinformation about vaccines, as well as online and in-person harassment of healthcare workers.

Harassment has been met with immediate setbacks. Utah technology executive Dave Bateman resigned Tuesday after sending an email hours earlier to state legislators and business leaders that he was plagued with unsubstantiated claims and anti-Semitic tropes about vaccines.

But as the pandemic approaches its third year in the United States, violence and threats against healthcare workers remain a worrying trend across the country. In Tennessee, a woman was arrested in May on charges of speeding through a vaccination site and nearly hitting seven workers as she yelled, “No vaccine!” Cox Medical Center Branson in Missouri acknowledged in September that violence against its workers had tripled over the past year, prompting the facility to give employees panic buttons. Some Kootenai Health employees in Idaho told administrators they were afraid to go to the grocery store if they were still wearing their scrubs, according to the Associated Press.

Families Together of Orange County, which has administered more than 50,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines as of Wednesday, according to the press release, was operating its mobile vaccination clinic last week in the parking lot of its Tustin offices, about 35 miles southeast of downtown. The Angels. In addition to vaccinations, Families Together also offers medical, dental, vision, and wellness services.

After Apollo entered the clinic without a mask before 10 a.m., workers asked him to put on a mask, according to police. When Apollo refused, he was asked to leave.

“He said, ‘I don’t need a mask, I don’t have the virus and you’re the ones making people sick,'” Jahanbani, 37, told the Register. “And all kinds of profanity you can imagine.”

Apolo allegedly screamed and clenched his fists when he denounced the workers as “murderers” and falsely accused them of facilitating a hoax inside the mobile clinic. Apollo then pounced on Jahanbani and a medical assistant, hitting the couple multiple times, workers told the Register.

At one point, Apollo pinned down the medical assistant, who declined to be publicly identified in local media and delivered “some pretty heavy blows” to the official’s head, chest, and back, Jahanbani told the Times.

“It was one of my biggest fears coming true,” said Jahanbani.

It took five people to separate Apollo from the assistant and detain him until the police arrived. When authorities arrived at the clinic, it took seven officers to detain Apollo, Nunley said. Apollo was handcuffed to a stretcher and electrocuted with a stun gun before being arrested, the Registry reported.

“He was yelling, ‘You’re a part of this too!’ To the officers, “Jahanbani told the outlet.

Families Together said he was “extremely saddened” by the attack, but that nothing would stop his workers from administering doses of vaccines to people who want them.

“We are proud of the strength and bravery of our team, and although this incident has shaken us, we will not be deterred from our mission to keep our community safe and healthy,” the group wrote.

Jahanbani told the Register that he was ready to forgive Apollo for the attack, and he hopes he understands why vaccination is necessary to help stop the spread of the virus.

“This is not a man-made problem,” Jahanbani said. “It is happening to humanity and we all have to unite against it. We all want things to get back to normal, and that is why we are doing this. ”

Apollo is scheduled to appear in court on January 27.

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