Who is Timothy George Simpkins? Suspect Wanted in Texas School Shooting

Timothy George Simpkins
Timothy George Simpkins

Timothy George Simpkins Wiki – Timothy George Simpkins Biography

Timothy George Simpkins is 18 years old. Texas student who has been identified as the wanted suspect in a shooting at Mansfield Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas. Police said Simpkins fled the school after the shooting and searched for him. Four people were injured and three were taken to hospital after the shooting on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, police said.

Two were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. One victim suffered minor injuries and refused treatment at the scene, police said. Arlington Police Deputy Chief Kevin Kolbye told a news conference: “We believe there was a fight between a student and another person.”

Timberview Middle School is located in Arlington, Texas, and is part of the Mansfield Independent School District. The shooting was first reported around 9:15 a.m., police said. Mansfield ISD called it an active shooter situation. On Twitter, Arlington Police said: “We are at the scene of a shooting at Timberview High School. We are doing a methodical search and working closely with @ATFHQ @mansfieldisd Police, @MansfieldPDTX @GrandPrairiePD, and other agencies. ”

Timothy Simpkins fled the scene, possibly in a silver Dodge Charger, police say

Arlington Police said on Twitter: “We are looking for a shooting suspect in today’s incident at @mansfieldisd Timberview School. Call 911 if you know the whereabouts of 18-year-old Timothy George Simpkins, who may be driving a 2018 Silver Dodge Charger with license plate PFY-6260. Other details on Simpkins were not immediately available.

At the press conference, Kolbye said police received the call around 9:15 a.m. about a shooting on the second floor of Timberview High School. He said several other phone calls came to 911 around the same time. Kolbye said: “Now this incident, tragic as it is, we take very seriously in law enforcement. We have an identified suspect. What we believe happened on a preliminary basis is that there was a fight between the student and another individual in a class and a weapon was used. And there are four victims ”.

Kolbye said: “I am here to identify a person of interest at this time. It’s Timothy George Simpkins. He is an 18-year-old black man. We have a car that he’s currently driving, that we think he’s driving, it’s a 2018 silver Dodge Charger with license plate PFY-6260. “According to WFAA, police were seen investigating the neighborhood where Simpkins lives. Kolbye said a person who called 911 identified Simpkins as the alleged shooter.

Police say the Simpkins should be considered “armed and dangerous”

Kolbye added: “We currently have several agencies, including the US Marshals Task Force, that are looking for this person. This is a collaborative effort between state, local, and federal agencies to bring this person to justice. “Mansfield Police Chief Tracy Aaron said at the press conference:” There will be continued searches for our suspect. We ask for the help of our citizens to continue looking for that person and to call any leads he may have. At this point, you should know that this person is considered armed and dangerous, so I suggest you call 911 as soon as you see that person or as soon as you see the suspicious vehicle. ”

Kolbye said: “I just want to re-emphasize that this is not a random act of violence. It is not someone attacking our schools. This is a student, we believe at this preliminary point, that it was a student who got into a fight and pulled a gun. “She added:” Two police officers from the Mansfield Independent School District stayed at the school. They were here and they were at school the scene immediately to provide safety for our students. Kolbye said he did not know if there were metal detectors at the school.

When asked if he believed there was an ongoing threat to the high school and if there was any danger to the community there, Kolbye told reporters: “I am very sure at this point that the shooter is not on the premises. I’m pretty sure he was just a shooter at this school. ”

A video captured the moments when the shots were shot inside the high school and the fight that took place before.

A video circulating on social media shows the moments when shots were fired inside Timberview High School. Reporter Nerissa Knight shared the video and tweeted: “My daughter just texted me saying there was a shooting at Timberview HS School in Mansfield ISD in Arlington, TX. She posted this video now. The nearby school of hers is also blocked, and we hear the sirens of the police rushing in. Police confirm that there is an active shooter. Praying ”

The 9-second video clip shows a student at a desk as she takes several takes. One student can be heard in the classroom saying, “Oh shit,” as the other students begin to walk away from their desks in search of safety. At least three takes are heard at the beginning of the video and other takes are played in the background as students react.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram shared a video that students say shows the fight that occurred before the shooting. The video can be seen above. Kolbye confirmed at a press conference that she had seen a video showing Simpkins in the classroom during the altercation before the shooting, but did not confirm that the previous video was posted on social media.

The video shows a student approaching another student in a classroom through desks. Another person can be heard saying, “Hi … there is a fight … I need help.” The video ends with one of the students pushing the other against a wall and hitting him multiple times as she calls him “f *** a *** n ****”. Police asked anyone with a video of the shooting or fight to provide it.

A teacher barricaded his classroom after they were shot while teaching about the Battle of Yorktown

One school teacher, Dale Topham, wrote on Facebook: “Timberview HS was shot at Mansfield ISD in Arlington, TX. Right in the middle of my discussion of the Battle of Yorktown. We are locked up. The shots were fired down the hall from our classroom. Our classroom door is barricaded (see photo). “She added:” UPDATE: According to one of my students, the shooter just ran down the hall past our classroom chasing two girls. ”

In another Facebook post, Topham said: “Several shots were fired in the hallway of my classroom. The students went into cover really fast! We are currently locked up. The police are still looking for the shooter. ”

A mother told CBS 11 News that she had spoken to her son that she was inside the school when the shooting happened: “She said the doors are locked and the police have yet to find the shooter. I have not been able to communicate with my son for 20 minutes. … When we spoke for the last time, I heard the other children crying and screaming in the classroom. ”

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The police continue to search the school as a precautionary measure and plan to take the students elsewhere to meet their parents.

Arlington police tweeted, “All Parents – @ mansfieldisd is setting up a meeting point for parents at the Performing Arts Center located at 1110 W. Debbie. Officers will be at that scene. Students will eventually be bussed to that location after school is fully secured. ”

Kolbye said that “several agencies were doing a methodical search of the school. We are trying to make sure that all of our children are safe while they are locked up. And we are going to try to make a neat fashion to get them out of school and make sure they take them to their parents. ”

He told reporters: “We want to keep making sure we lock up our students to make sure they are safe. We have the Grand Prairie Police Department, the Mansfield Police Department, the Arlington Police Department, and other SWAT teams that are methodically checking these rooms and releasing these children to make sure they are safe. We want to make sure we get the ID of each of these students, we want to make sure they don’t have weapons themselves. So it is just a routine process that we will go through to make sure everyone is safe before getting them on the buses. ”


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