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Timothy Paz
Timothy Paz

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Timothy Paz, a man who lived in a downtown hotel shelter for the homeless, says he was slashed and stabbed there in April and is seeking to hold the city and others responsible for the attack, new court documents show.

Timothy Paz says he was attacked by another homeless man with a knife on April 3 at the Hotel Mela Times Square, where a Brooklyn homeless shelter had been temporarily relocated during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Manhattan. Supreme Court.

Timothy Paz Age

Timothy Paz is 29 years old.

Timothy Paz was attacked by another homeless man with a knife

Paz “was attacked, physically assaulted, beaten, beaten, stabbed and cut with a knife by another refugee resident,” the lawsuit alleges.

Paz told The Post that her abuser had been agitated and was fighting with staff and another homeless resident before she approached Paz to start a fight.

“I was minding my own business,” Paz told The Post. “He was a drug addict who was starting to have problems.”

“We fought and he basically cut my lip, my neck and stabbed me in the chest and in the back,” Paz said. “The staff who were working there on the floor did nothing.”

“It was amazing. I was trying to survive, ”Paz described the assault. “I didn’t realize it cut me off to the end.”

“I pushed it away. She kept grabbing me, ”Paz said. “When the security guards came between us, that’s when the security guard told me that they had just cut my face and neck.”

She claims the incident left him with “serious and permanent bodily injuries sustained to his face and body,” which have rendered him incapable of carrying out his normal activities, court documents say.

Paz suffered “significant emotional stress and psychological and physical consequences that caused her great pain in her body and mind,” the file states.

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Paz said he had hundreds of stitches on his body, most of them on his lip and neck. And he is traumatized by the terrible incident.

“Sometimes I can’t even sleep with this,” he said. “I always think about the situation. I get paranoid. I get depressed because every time I see my face and I see the scars.

“I’m trying to see a psychiatrist, so I can talk to someone because this really screwed me up.”

He is suing the city, Services for the Underserved, the organization that runs the shelter, and Allied Universal, the company that handles the shelter’s security.

He says they did not protect him, did not intervene during the assault, and did not properly train and hire employees, according to the lawsuit.

“I’m trying to do myself justice and I’m trying to hold the shelter accountable,” Paz said. “The shelter is supposed to be a safe environment.”

Paz also wonders how the man had a knife given that neighbors have to go through metal detectors before entering.

The men’s shelter is typically located on Ralph Avenue in Brownsville, Brooklyn, but had been “temporarily moved” to the West 44th Street hotel “due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” court documents say.

Paz said residents have since been moved back to the Brooklyn location where he currently is. He pointed out that his assailant, whose name he did not know, is in jail on charges related to the attack.

Paz said that he is now employed as a driver and hopes to be placed in a permanent home with the help of services provided by the shelter.

The city moved thousands of homeless people from densely populated homeless shelters to about 60 hotels during the pandemic to provide space for social distancing.

In June, the city said it planned to start moving 8,000 residents to shelters, but then, in August, it agreed to briefly pause the process amid backlash from activists.

Paz is suing for unspecified damages.

The city’s Department of Law, Services for the Outcast, and Allied Universal did not respond to requests for comment.


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