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Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez

Tony Lopez Wiki, Tony Lopez Biography

Tony Lopez is a TikTok star who has 23 million followers on TikTok and has been charged and charged with sexually abusing soliciting nude photos of underage teens in a civil lawsuit.

“Tony Lopez used his social media influencer status to solicit, groom and entice underage fans for his own perverse entertainment and use,” alleges the lawsuit, obtained by Oxygen.com.

Tony Lopez Age

Tony Lopez is 21 years old.

Accused & Charged

“I am going to fight to the end,” said Tony Lopez after the families of two teenagers accused the 21-year-old of sexual misconduct.

TikTok star Tony Lopez allegedly used his “fame” and “notoriety” to sexually abuse two underage girls, according to a new civil lawsuit against the 21-year-old influencer.

“Tony Lopez used his social media influencer status to solicit, groom and entice underage fans for his own perverse entertainment and use,” alleges the lawsuit, obtained by Oxygen.com.

Lopez, who has nearly 23 million followers on TikTok, has denied the charges.

Lopez began exchanging flirty messages on Snapchat with the first teenage victim, identified only as H.L. Doe in January 2020, alleged in court documents.

“I’m trying to marry you,” he allegedly told the 15-year-old girl.

Lopez eventually persuaded the teen to commit “illegal sexual acts with him” and then “praised” the teen for her “sexual abilities,” according to the lawsuit.

In April, C.H. Doe, the second alleged teenage victim, met López at the headquarters of Hype House, the content center to which the influencer belongs, in 2020. López is accused of later exchanging nude photos with the girl, who was 16 years old at the time. , the demand. set.

“Show me your boobs,” he allegedly told the second teenager on social media.

Lopez allegedly later sent photographs of his penis to the girl. Attorneys for his family described the allegations of sexual misconduct as “perverse.”

“Tony Lopez used his fame, status, and notoriety as a social media influencer to coerce, coerce, and request [the victim], a minor, to comply with his requests for sexual acts,” the victims’ attorneys wrote in the demand.

Later, López’s fans cyber-harassed and harassed the alleged victims on social media, causing them further “emotional damage,” according to his attorneys.

“They have received death threats,” Michele Vercoski, one of the attorneys representing the families of the two alleged teenage victims, told Oxygen.com. “They fear for their lives. They are afraid to go out the front door, they always look over their shoulders. ”

Hype House founder Thomas Pertrou, as well as other TikTok influencers Cole Hudson and Chase Hudson, are also listed in the pending lawsuit. The content hub, located in a rented mansion in Los Angeles, is home to various social media personalities and was founded in 2019.

Vercoski, who only practices civil law, explained that her clients’ parents are also “considering” filing criminal charges against López, but have not yet filed a police report or approached the police directly.

The social media celebrity flatly denied the lawsuit’s allegations.

“These allegations are not entirely true,” Lopez said in a statement to Buzzfeed News. “I never sent these women nudes and I didn’t ask them to send me photos. And I certainly wouldn’t have sex with someone who told me they were underage. ”

She also dismissed the accusations from the teenage victims as “money-grabbing.”

“I am going to fight to the end,” added López. “I will not allow them to continue slandering my name and attacking my character.”

Lopez did not immediately respond to Oxygen.com’s request for comment on Monday.

However, it is not the first time that the popular influencer has been accused of sexual misconduct involving underage girls. In August, he was also charged with soliciting nude photos of several teenage victims.

“I’m still new to the entertainment [and] Los Angeles scene, and I’m quickly learning that you can’t believe everything they tell you,” he tweeted in response. “I know that these actions are not taken lightly and they were extremely irresponsible on my part. As a young man, I will take responsibility for this mistake, instead of running away from it. ”

Lopez, who said that he strongly regretted his actions, added that he was “disappointed” in himself, however, the TikTok influencer refrained from directly addressing the allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Those accusations are “eerily similar” to the allegations contained in the new civil lawsuit against Lopez, attorneys for the two unidentified teenage victims said.

The 21-year-old has also previously been accused of posting homophobic, sexist and racist comments on social media.

Nude photos of López himself were reportedly leaked online last year.

No court date has been set in the pending civil lawsuit, plaintiffs’ attorneys said.


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