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Trish Doyle
Trish Doyle

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Trisha Doyle is an Australian politician who was elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly as a member of the Blue Mountains for the Labor Party in the 2015 New South Wales state elections.

Doyle is a school teacher and served on the staff of Blue Mountains MP Phil Koperberg from 2007 to 2011. Doyle ran unsuccessfully as a Labor candidate in 2011 when the then Keneally Labor government was ousted from power. She was later short-listed again before the 2015 New South Wales state elections as a Labor candidate. The boundaries of the Blue Mountains electorate were redistributed before the elections, increasing the margin for the Liberal Party from 4.7% to 5.4%.

Trish Doyle Age

Trisha Doyle’s age is unknown.


Doyle grew up in Canberra. Her father was violent when she was young. At age 8, her father woke her up at the end of her bed with a rifle. With her younger brother and sister, she grew up in a community home while her mother recovered from the trauma of the incident.

Doyle, from age 13, grew up near Wagga Wagga in NSW Riverina before attending Macquarie University for a teaching degree. Her first husband suffered from depression and psychotic episodes. She has two sons, Patrick and Tom, who live with her in Lawson, New South Wales. She is good friends with former Blue Mountains MP Bob Debus and Federal Opposition MP Tanya Plibersek.


An NSW Labor MP has accused a male MP in the Berejiklian Government of raping a female Se**x worker in the Blue Mountains. Trish told Parliament on Wednesday that she had been contacted by a woman 18 months ago about an alleged incident with an NSW Government MP.

Doyle said that the Se**x worker had made contact with a male client seeking “oral Se**x only” via the adult classified website Locanto.

“She tells me she made herself clear that she was not willing to have penetrative Se**x with him, however towards the end the man moved around behind her and assaulted her in a way she had not consented to,” Doyle said in NSW Parliament on Wednesday.

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“In her emails to me, she said that once the assault began she just wanted it to finish,” she added. It was an assault, and it was against her explicit instructions, she did not consent, it was ra**pe.” Doyle told NSW Parliament that the woman is “hurt and angry that this powerful man felt entitled to assault her”.

“She remains fearful that this powerful man will seek reprisals against her for reporting this ra**pe,” Doyle explained. This fear, hurt, and anger is not something that any woman should be made to feel but it is all the worse that this man who ra**ped her is a government member of this chamber,” she added.

Doyle said that the Se**x worker was initially reluctant to go to the police but has now reported the matter. NSW Police released a statement on Wednesday evening confirming that they are investigating an allegation of Se**xual violence against a woman in the Blue Mountains in 2019. Detectives from the Child Abuse and Se**x Crimes Squad are investigating allegations of Se**xual violence against a woman in the Blue Mountains in September 2019,” the statement read.

“The matter was reported and referred to the squad in late September 2020 and has been under investigation since. As the inquiries are ongoing, we are not in a position to provide any further details.”


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