Who is Tyson Gilbert? Wiki, Biography, Age, Cut off his penis, Health Condition, Charged, Arrested

Tyson Gilbert
Tyson Gilbert

Tyson Gilbert Wiki – Tyson Gilbert Biography

Tyson Gilbert, a man cut off his penis and threw it out of his car window, and later claimed that voices on the radio were telling him that he would save the world.

Tyson Gilbert of Cookeville, Putnam County TN, led police officers in a wild car chase through two counties in Tennessee as he ran onto the Interstate Wednesday morning.

Tyson Gilbert Age

Tyson Gilbert is 39 years old.

Charges – Arrested

A Tennessee highway patrolman was the first to see that Gilbert had mutilated himself after seeing the man, who was driving naked, covered in blood.

He was eventually stopped by members of the Alexandria Police Department who managed to box in his car on the highway just before hitting the Interstate.

He was arrested and taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, although it is not known whether his appendix was recovered for reattachment.

Gilbert, who was charged in 2020 with four counts of attempted car theft and resisting arrest by Nashville airport police, was first approached by highway patrolman Bobby Johnson when his Honda Accord was partially parked in the road in Dowelltown.

As Trooper Johnson approached the car, Gilbert pulled out onto the road.

“When I pulled up behind him and turned on the lights, he took off and refused to stop,” Johnson said.

He turned onto Old Liberty Road and stopped. He opened the door for him. He was naked and covered in blood. He then closed the door and kept driving.

Alexandria Police Department cars began chasing them, but Gibert drove them from Dowelltown to Wilson County, and then to Watertown.

Police managed to set spikes on the road that blew out Gilbert’s tires, but he maintained control of the vehicle in Watertown and was heading for the Interstate.

Fortunately, the damage caused by the spikes in the road severely hampered Gilbert’s car and forced him to slow down while he was driving on flat tires.

‘The first spike strips got one of the front tires from him and the second one got the other tire. After that it turned into a low-speed chase with him running on his tires until we boxed him in, ” Trooper Johnson told local radio station WLJE.

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Gilbert was stopped and arrested just before he made it onto the Interstate, but at the time members of six different law enforcement departments: Cookeville and Nashville Highway Patrol, DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department, and Wilson Country, and the Alexandria and Watertown Police Department, they had all already been involved in the car chase.

Facebook users who commented on Gilbert’s situation painted a picture of a tormented and aggressive man.

“I worked with this man and he is not a good person,” said one user.

“ He almost hit me with his truck at work. ”

Another user described his situation as “tragic” upon discovering that Gilbert had previously been arrested and charged with various crimes in Cookeville. He previously was incarcerated in the Putnam Country Jail in 2017.

In 2020, Gilbert was arrested for attempting to steal four different rental cars from EAN Rental Company in Cookeville. Shawn Nixon, the rental manager, told officers that Gilbert attempted to exit the garage in a 2020 Audi Q3, a 2020 Audi A5, a 2019 Chevy Malibu, and a 2020 Nissan Rogue.

Gilbert was arrested and charged with three counts of attempted theft of property, attempted theft of services, and resisting arrest, and was jailed on a $ 61,000 bond. It is unclear when he was released.

The investigation into Wednesday’s incident is still ongoing.


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