Who is Vernon Dwayne Crider? Wiki, Bio, Age, Frontier Airlines pilot, Charged, Arrested

Vernon Dwayne Crider
Vernon Dwayne Crider

Vernon Dwayne Crider Wiki – Vernon Dwayne Crider Biography

Vernon Dwayne Crider, a Frontier Airlines pilot, was arrested for hiding a spy camera in the window of a Florida college student’s room, university police said.

Vernon Dwayne Crider was indicted by University of Central Florida police after the 19-year-old saw the hidden camera on her window screen at The Pointe at Central apartment complex on September 20, according to an arrest warrant affidavit obtained by The Post.

Vernon Dwayne Crider Age

Vernon Dwayne Crider is 55 years old.

Charged with hiding cam in college student’s window

“The camera lens was in front of his room,” the report says. “The victim believed that an individual placed the spy camera outside his bedroom window to surreptitiously record it inside his bedroom, where he had a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Police said they recovered a “mini hidden spy camera” containing a SIM card with photos of what appeared to be an airplane cabin, as well as a hotel room. A deleted image that was recovered from the card also showed a legal agreement with Crider’s signature, police said.

A subsequent search of a Federal Aviation Administration database revealed that Crider was a licensed airline pilot currently working for Frontier Airlines, according to the affidavit.

UCF police said Crider punched a 1-inch hole in the victim’s window screen to hide the spy camera, which he recorded for more than two hours before being discovered. It does not appear that Crider and the victim knew each other.

Crider has an expired Florida driver’s license from Pensacola and a valid license from Missouri, police said.

Frontier Airlines representatives verified to UCF police that Crider had flown into Orlando International Airport three days prior to the disturbing discovery. A photo provided by the airline also matched an image of Crider found on the SIM card, police said.

Frontier also confirmed that Crider was also off work and did not fly on Sept. 19 or 20, when the spy camera was discovered, police said.

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A UCF police spokeswoman told The Post that Crider was arrested Oct. 5 in Missouri on charges of burglary in an occupied home and attempted video voyeurism. He was transported to the Orange County Jail last week before leaving on October 14. Police believe he has since returned to Missouri, UCF police spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin told The Post on Friday.

Meanwhile, a Frontier representative declined to provide additional details about Crider when he was approached for comment, referring inquiries to local law enforcement officials.

The victim’s mother told WKMG that he moved into the university-affiliated housing complex less than a mile from the UCF campus in Orlando with a friend four weeks earlier.

“She was crying and she told me very frantically that she was in her room and saw a flashing green light outside her window,” the UCF student’s mother told WKMG.

The UCF student rushed out to investigate and found a camera “the size of a cigarette lighter,” her mother said. “The only reason she found it is because she was raining that night and the camera restarted.”

The student’s mother said her daughter has not yet returned to the apartment since the terrible incident, but that she is still due to pay rent because the apartment complex will not approve an early termination of the lease.

The concerned mother also told WKMG that she had many unanswered questions.

“How many other cities does he fly to?” the woman asked. “And how many other apartments does he go through? How many girls is the potentially following? How long has this gone on?

An attorney for Crider declined to comment because he is awaiting the full case from prosecutors, WKMG reported.

Attempts on Friday to contact Crider, whose last known address was in Imperial, Missouri, were unsuccessful. A message left for a woman in public records believed to be his wife was not immediately returned.


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