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Victoria Triece

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Victoria Triece, a 30-year-old Florida mother was allegedly banned from volunteering at her son’s school after posting what her attorney described as “adult legal content” on the OnlyFans website.

Victoria Triece, who has 5 and 10-year-olds enrolled at Sand Lake Elementary School in Orlando, says Orange County Public Schools has prohibited her from participating in any activity where she may be in contact with students on the grounds from the school, according to FOX35 Orlando.

Victoria Triece, mother of two boys ages 5 and 10, Victoria is also a popular content creator on OnlyFans. She has also attracted a total of 123k followers on Instagram under the name @victoriasnooks.

Although she is known, she has ensured that her personal life is not affected by her antics, as most of her content is not safe for work (NSFW).

This has led her to be at the center of controversy as she, in addition to her online activity of hers, has volunteered for ADDitions at Sand Lake Elementary School in Orange County for the past five years.

Her children are also enrolled in school. Images from her private OnlyFans account of her paid content, have been sent to the school.

Victoria Triece had been banned from volunteering

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, Victoria took to Twitter to announce that she had been banned from volunteering at Sand Lake Elementary School.

“The way someone took paid content from my OnlyFans and sent it to my children’s school is so cruel,” she expressed.

“You don’t have to like what I do or agree with it, but doing something so extreme is absolutely wrong.”

“And if you want to see the email that was sent about me or hear the story about how I am currently not allowed to be with children in the school building because of this email, it is all over the news right now,” she wrote Victoria in another Tweet.

She has also spoken about her passion for volunteering at the school, according to News 6.

“When I became a mother, they became my whole life, so obviously I wanted to be involved in every part of their world, be it at school, at home, or just everything.” “So I knew since I had children, that I was going to be the father of the room.”

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Victoria went on to admit that being excluded from her has made her feel isolated from other parents.

Victoria is considering suing the district for banning her according to NeJame Law, the firm that represents her. She is threatening a $ 1 million lawsuit against the Orange County Public School Board.

“Ms. Triece has never appeared on school property in different than normal everyday clothes and school-appropriate clothing, in contrast to her private videos and images online,” the firm said in a statement from the press.

“The basis of the damages includes denying her the right to participate in the lives of her children as she chooses, the option of denying the livelihood she chose instead of seeing her children or being able to volunteer, and the ridicule she has suffered and it will suffer as a result of being banned for no other reason than to offend someone else’s moral sensibilities by what it does in private. ”

Representative Michael Ollendorff followed up with a statement that reads, “According to the Office of Legal Services, we do not comment on potential, pending or ongoing litigation.”

Victoria has underscored the legality of her adult career, insisting that she should not have an impact on the education of her children.



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