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Whitney Collings
Whitney Collings

Whitney Collings Wiki, Biography

Whitney Collings was just 21 years old when he became a reality star. While working as a waitress in Boston, Collings was also studying biology and physics at Salem State, The Boston Herald reported.

As for why she decided to join the reality series, Collings was drawn to the desire to live in a luxurious home in Los Angeles, “and it was a good excuse to party,” she joked before the season premiered on 2008. His nickname on the show was “The Straight Shooter”.

Although Collings had on-screen confrontations with fellow cast members Sarah Michaels, Ailea Carr and Tiffany Davis, she told The Boston Herald that off-screen they were all close friends “who talk daily. I keep telling people, “It’s a reality TV show,” implying that not everything viewers saw on TV was a real drama. ”


Whitney Collings was 33 years old.


Collings’ mother, Linda Houghton Collings, confirmed the news of her daughter’s death on Facebook and changed her profile to a photo with her daughter when she still had blonde hair.

Collings’ mother wrote: “I am completely devastated and will never get over this. Life is so unfair. She was kind and had a big heart, “TMZ reported. A friend of the reality star Christina Marie wrote on her Facebook page: “I am completely heartbroken Whitney Collings, we have so many fun memories together … Rest easy, the beautiful angel with your dad now…”


In 2009, Collings revealed to Reality Wanted that she landed the gig after registering on their website. “I actually forgot I joined, but I started getting all these emails about different casting opportunities. I noticed one for The Bad Girls and thought, “This looks like a show to me,” and I applied.

After the casting director emailed her, she was flown to Los Angeles for the final audition. When Collings found out she got the part, “I was dating a friend when I got the call. They said I made it, but they told me I couldn’t tell anyone. They said they wanted to take me to Los Angeles to start filming in two weeks. ”

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Collings appeared in 12 episodes of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club between 2008 and 2009 and re-filmed the Bad Girls Club reunion special. Before joining the reality series, she worked as a sales representative for Priority One Marketing Group in Florida, according to her IMDb page. At the time of her death, she was working as a senior sales executive at Ecigarettes Wholesale, as noted on her Facebook page.


The cause of death was not immediately revealed, but TMZ reported that Collings died while in a hospital near his hometown of Boston. The outlet said: “The medical examiner currently has Whitney’s case and will determine the cause and manner of his death.”


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