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Yvette Amos
Yvette Amos

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Yvette Amos appeared on BBC Wales Today news program on Tuesday night (January 26) to talk about her experiences of unemployment during the pandemic. However, those who looked at home found that her eyes were directed to the shelf behind Amos, which in addition to holding books and board games contained a large pink penis.

Eagle-eyed viewers discovered that her eyes were drawn to the items on the shelf behind the guest, and we’re left with points after finding an apparent sex toy placed next to her books and board games. A screenshot of the scene was shared on Twitter by journalist Grant Tucker, who tweeted: “Perhaps the best guest on BBC Wales news tonight. Always check your shelves before going on air.”

Yvette Amos Age

Yvette Amos’s age is unknown.

Twitter Reaction

Twitter users quickly labeled the situation hilarious and the image went viral overnight, having been widely shared on the social media platform.

One social media user joked: ‘This is the news at ten … dong’, while another joked: ‘What book category does he belong to then?’ Another claimed that Yvette is a friend of hers and that she wouldn’t mind the clip of her explicit object going viral.

While some felt sorry for her after her uncomfortable mishap, one viewer joked, “Good interview tonight … you might want to tidy up your shelves, love though.”

Someone else commented, “My latest addiction is zooming in at people’s homes when my kids make clubs online.

“Did you see the dildo on a shelf during BBC Wales?”

Eliseo said on Twitter: “This is my old partner. He’s unfazed, he’s gone a bit viral, he’s a laid back hippy. ”

However, the clip divided some Twitter users on whether the item was actually a s**ex toy or a novelty sculpture. One person suggested, “I suppose the candle is a novelty. Not that it helps much.”

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Others believed that Yvette may have been tricked by her friends or family shortly before going on the air. One Twitter user said, “You have to feel sorry for her … what her peers are like,” as one second wrote: “Someone is going to get in trouble when they find out what they’ve done.”

Meanwhile, some viewers suggested that the rude item was put on the shelf on purpose, with one person writing: “It was a setup. Why the hell have the camera set so that it has most of the room in view?



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