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Zoe Williams
Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams Wiki – Zoe Williams Biography

Zoe Williams, a terrified bather needed to be rescued by a lifeboat after she drifted out to sea while rowing.

Zoe Williams got into trouble on the beautiful beach near Trefor on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales.

She was carrying her cell phone at the time and was able to call the coast guard for help, but now she is warning other inmates to be prepared after her ‘terrifying’ experience.

Zoe Williams Age

Zoe Williams is 27 years old.

Rescued by Coastguard

Speaking of her experience, Zoe said: ‘No matter how hard I paddled, the wind was against me and I was being blown out to sea.

“ I got burned very quickly and had to make a decision on the spot: either I get off the paddleboard and swim to shore, or I let him take me and call for help.

“ I was very scared: how quickly things changed, how quickly the weather changed. The sea was completely still when we set out.

Zoe from Pwllheli decided to stop rowing and instead pulled her mobile phone out of a waterproof bag and called for help.

She spoke to the Coast Guard who kept her calm while she waited for an RNLI lifeboat to take her back to dry land.

Zoe herself wanted to speak to help other surfers be aware of the dangers.

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She said: ‘That’s why I’m sharing my story, actually, to raise awareness about the importance of preparing and carrying a phone with you.

‘Waterproof bags are available for free at the RNLI and for next to nothing online.

In addition, it is about the importance of buoyancy aids. I know they don’t look very good and they aren’t great, but they are very important.

“They can save lives and I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t prepared and taken those things with me.”

Mali Parry-Jones of RNLI Porthdinllaen said it was important for rowers to have a mobile phone and wear a life jacket.

She said: ‘Also make sure you wear the strap around your ankle to make sure you and the board are not separated, because it is very important to stay on the board if you get into trouble.’


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